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DCZYQ Mud Gas Separator Design Principles

DCZYQMud Gas Separator(Poor Boy Degasser) is a specific degassing equipment of drilling fluid with gas, it is mainly used to remove big bubbles in diameter no less than φ3mm in gas drilling fluid. DC’s Mud Gas Separator has a lot of advantages including reliable safety, better treatment effect, long service life, etc.

mud gas separators

1) Venting Capacity – The capacity to vent gas

This capacity is the rate at which gas can be vented when the seal is operating at its maximum pressure differential when the liquid seal contains only associated liquids from the hydrocarbon influx. A gradient of 0.69 sg (0.3 psi/ft) should be assumed to determine
the maximum pressure differential.

2) Separating Capacity – The capacity to separate gas cut fluid.

The capacity to separate must not be confused with the capacity to vent. Ideally, the capacity to separate should be greater than the vent capacity, but this may not be possible given the low operating pressure and the constraints of the rig layout. In practice, the
capacity to separate may be only 10% of the vent capacity.

3) Liquid (Droplet Size) Re-entrainment Capacity

Entrainment refers to liquid droplets breaking away from a gas/liquid interface to become suspended in the gas phase. The term re-entrainment is used in horizontal-separator design because it generally is assumed that droplets have settled to the liquid phase and
then are returned to the gas phase.

If you want to learn more details of mud gas separators, please contact us.

Rational use of drilling fluid shale shakers

The first line of defense for a properly designed solids control system is the shale shaker. Shakers remove solids from drilling fluid as the mud passes over the surface of a vibrating screen.

Particles smaller than the openings in the screen pass through the holes of the screen along with the liquid phase of the mud. Particles too large to pass through the screen are thereby separated from the mud for disposal.

shale shaker

Without proper screening of the drilling fluid during this initial removal step, downstream equipment will experience reduced efficiency and effectiveness. The downstream hydrocyclones and/or centrifuges (if employed) will simply be overloaded beyond their design capacity.

There are a number of commercial claims that indicate that shale shakers can achieve solid cuts lower than 74 microns, however, when it comes to the practical installation and use of solids control systems (i.e. relative to flow rates, drilling fluid viscosity, screen condition, volume of solids being managed, etc.) operators should conservatively assume 100 microns as the performance limit.

What Is The Working Principle Of Decanter Centriguges

The centrifuge is fed through a stationary pipe, which is inside a hollow shaft connected to the rotating screw conveyor (scroll.) There it enters a feed compartment and is accelerated through feed slots into the rotating bowl. Once inside the bowl, centrifugal forces accelerate the heavy solids, where they settle on the bowl wall. The lighter liquid will fill the bowl to the level of the effluent dam (weirs).

decanter centrifuge

The conveyor is connected to a gearbox and turns slightly slower than the bowl. Since it is turning slower and the helix is angled toward the small diameter (conical end) thus the solids are then conveyed along the bowl wall to the solids discharge end and discharged there.

The liquid flows around the conveyor and exits over effluent dam located on the large diameter end of the bowl. Lighter Solids, which did not settle to the inside diameter of the bowl (floaters), are carried out with the liquid over the effluent dams.


The Effluent dams are adjustable and control the amount of liquid inside the bowl. The Effluent Dam diameter is normally larger than the solids discharge diameter thus creating a Drying section at the Solids discharge end called a beach. The larger the beach the dryer the solids discharge however this will reduce the amount of liquid inside the bowl.
A larger the amount of liquid usually results in a cleaner effluent.

We can offer many different drive systems to operate decanter centrifuge form fully automatic Frequency controlled units to a simple one speed setup.

Based on your process requirements we can thus optimize your decanter selection.

General Rule of shaker screens placement

Pre-tensioned screens are available in different sizes to fit individual systems. Operating conditions should determine screen selection.

Since screen mesh count and screen ratings can significantly impact shaker performance, choosing the correct screen is critical. Each screen directly influences the ability of the shaker to achieve solid/liquid separation and consistent conveyance.

shaker screen

As a general rule, coarser screens are placed on the rear and lower decks, while finer mesh screens are placed near the output. If using a dual deck shaker, finer screens are usually located on the top deck and more coarse screens on the bottom.

Operators should remember that finer screens wear more quickly, especially when subjected to high volumes of solids, such as when top-hole drilling is occurring. Experience will also help guide screen selection regarding flow rate and solids type to maximize solids removal and discharge dryness.

DC all capacities of Self-Contained Mud System for CBM

As we discussed in my blog, DC has provided one set of mud recycling system with dual function for CBM drilling and diamond core drilling. It is quite common that every client has different solids control demands on their worksite.

So DC designers try their best to provide an excellent solids control solutions to meet every client’s special demands.

compact mud system

DC mud recycling system is a self contained packaged system with the function for mud cleaning, mud storage and mud mixing. Moreover the mud cleaning capability can be designed by different users.

Features of DC mud system for CBM

Complete line Mud System: DCG500GPM, DCG300GPM, DCG800GPM, DCG1000GPM Self-Contained Mud System.
Cost Effective Equipments integration:Complete drilling mud equipments from a single source-GN Solids Control Factory.
Fast moved compact system:Small footprint design with fast connection for removable parts and most parts fixed while traveling meet transport regulation.
Mud Tanks Flexible Options:Skid Mounted or Trailer Mounted or Hydraulic Jack Up mud recycling Tanks available for your options.

Besides, about the commissioning and installation, we can send our experienced engineers for installation,and training up customer engineers.


DC 3″ Low Pressure Mud Guns at discount sales

DC solids control manufacture 2” mud gun and 3” mud gun, and we have several sets of mud guns in stock to meet the urgents requirements of any models.

The mud guns are the common type which located on the top tank, sometimes we design it as bottom tank type. Top tank mud gun is controlled by staff on the tank, the difference between DC mud gun and NOV mud gun is the nozzle numbers, we make to 3 nozzle numbers, which can jet more place in the tank so the agitating effect can be better.

mud gun

DC Mud Guns are available for rotation adjustment to allow the operator to optimize the mud guns performance. The replaceable wear resistant jet nozzle is used, which is special design with better shearing.

mud guns

If you have interest with DC Mud guns, please send your inquires to our mailbox, at there you will getting a big discount of it.

Special performance of DCTLL-A vertical drilling cutting dryer

Vertical cutting dryer is a new design and product of drilling waste management system. DCTLL-A vertical drilling cutting dryer is a kind of separation equipment which utilizes mechanical rotary produce centrifugal force to realize.

vertical cutting dryer

Special performance of DCTLL-A vertical drilling cutting dryer:

1. Versatility and high performance

Drill cuttings are conveyed from the shakers to the VERTI-G cuttings dryer through a variety of site-engineered conveyance systems. Maintained by programmable logic control (PLC), the flow of cuttings into the VERTI-G dryer is continuously fed to yield optimal liquid/solids separation.

2. High-speed centrifuge for maximum in liquid/solid separation

The VERTI-G cuttings dryer incorporates a high-speed vertical centrifuge that achieves maximum liquid/solid separation in large-volume processing. This mechanism makes the VERTI-G dryer one of the industry’s best performing and most dependable cutting dryers. Available in both standard size and compact configuration.

3. Improved efficiency and lower costs

The VERTI-G cuttings dryer improves overall cost efficiency by recovering costly drilling fluid that is recovered from cuttings, as well as whole mud lost from shaker failure and rig motion. Further, the VERTI-G cuttings dryer produces lower waste volumes by generating dryer solids in both oil- and synthetic-base drilling fluid systems. Reducing waste volume helps to dramatically reduce disposal costs.

Customized DC diesel tank shipped to Poland

DC Company finished the production of diesel tank for Poland clients and prepared to delivery to XinGang Port.

Oil tank is the major corollary equipment in oilfield drilling rig, it is mainly used to store and provide fuel to generator set. The oil tank designed and produced by our company is easy and convenient to use and maintain.

oil tank

This time we manufactured the oil tank strictly accord to users request, including wall thickness, paint standard and American steel. We test many times after finish the production, to avoid any nonconformity points.

DC Oil tanks have been exported to over 60 countries and area with their good quality solid control equipment/ waste management equipment, countries like America, Brazil, Chile, Venezuala, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia etc.

Typical areas of use of decanter centrifuges

The decanter centrifuge produced by DC Machinery are horizontally positioned centrifuges with a solid wall drum (therefore also called solid wall screw centrifuges). The drum is cylindrical-conical, it consists of a longer cylindrical part (the so-called clarifying zone) and of a conical part (the so-called dry zone). The material to be processed is fed via a so-called feed tube into the drum, where, due to the centrifugal force the solid material particles sediment on the drum wall.

Decanters (decanter centrifuges) are “solid material oriented” centrifuges which can process liquids / suspensions with high solid material contents (up to ca. 60% by volume).

Typical areas of use are:

Clarification of liquids and suspensions
Thickening of sludges
Dehydration of sludges and suspensions
Classification (wet classification of solid materials in a suspension according to grain size)
Separation of 3-phase mixtures (two fluid phases, insoluble in each other, and a solid material phase) etc.

The optimization of mud gas separators from DC Solid control

DC Mud gas separator offers the highest gas-and liquid handing capacity available. Its highly efficient baffling system maximizes mud gas separation, enabling operators to drill deeper, large-diameter wells and exploratory wells at higher circulating rates while safely handling greater volumes of gas. It also minimizes mist carry over and gas-cut mud at the flow line.

mud gas separator

Main features of mud gas separators manufactured by DC Solid control :

1. Main body diameter are 600, 800, 1000 and 1200mm which can allows the highest gas- and liquid handling capacity available.
2. Optomizes safety and control. The mud gas separator unit enhances safe drilling practices during underbalanced conditions, improves” kick” handling capabilities, permits optimum circulation rates and large-diameter holes to the drilled through the targeted zone.
3. High efficiency baffle system. Maximizes mud gas separation, minimizas mist carryover which produces a cleaner flare and minimizes gas-cut mud at the flow line.
4. Capable pressured operation. Increases gas-and liquid handling capacities and permits immediate sale of gas during drilling operations.

DC use high quality steel materials manufacturing normal pressure prevent H2S Mud Gas Separator,can effectively prevent the harmful gas erosion, ensure the man- machine safety production.

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