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DC Good Properity Mud Agitator producer

Mud agitator is the special agitating equipment in oil drilling mud circulating tank. Mud agitator keep drilling fluid uniformity and make the solid phase particles suspension.


It is mainly used in drilling fluid mixing to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particles precipitate in tank type circulating system, also make circulating drilling fluid performance is stable, mixing is uniformity, it is the one equipment of the science drilling. Mud agitator should set in the place of centre of working volume level, the distance of impeller and tank bottom is the 1/3 to 1/4.


7.5 kW above mud agitator using turbine worm reduction drive, has the transmission torque, smooth operation, reliable work, etc advantages.

DC Solid control is the special mud agitator company, our company product design reasonable, structure is unique, use worm and worm wheel gearing-down device, has the advantages of transmit torsion is big, well stability and safety, service life is long, convenient to maintain and with the large agitating and discharging.


High quality poorboy degasser China producer

Mud Gas Separator is commonly called a gas-buster or poor boy degasser. Mud gas Separators seats beside mud solids control system and is used only when the drilling formation exists toxic and hazardous gases.


To be as a high quality mud gas separator producer in China. We have below advantages compares with others.

DCZYQ Mud Gas Separator Features and Benefits

1. Baffle plates within vessel creates Maximum removal of free gas
2. Skid-mounted design enables easy transportation, rig-up and rig-down
3. Designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with API & ISO standards.
4. DC use high quality steel materials manufacturing normal pressure prevent H2S Mud Gas Separator,can effectively prevent the harmful gas erosion, ensure the man- machine safety production.

Besides DCZYQ series Mud gas Separator combined with the Electric Ignition Device can be used to ensure the security of drilling process. It is divided into the normal pressure Mud gas separator and pressure auto-control Mud gas separator according to the pressure.

Another two desilters shipped to Singapor

At the begining of July, DC Solid control shipped two desilters to Singapore which is our third time shipped here. The two desilters used for pilling fileds and matched 12 ea 4″ hydrocyclones.

The Desilter is produced by DC company is very good, because the ability of separation is high and the ranges of the separation particles size is big. DC is a company focuses on the production, sales and after-sales maintenance service of solid control equipment of petroleum drilling (not excavation).


Advantages of desilters produced by DC solid control  

1. Noise is small, the throughput is big, the using life of the screen is long.
2. The distribution of the symmetrical institutions is reasonable and the working is stable.
3. Every imports and exports of the hydrocyclone bottom month have ball valves, we can adjust the workload of the Deserter at any time, it is easy to operate
and maintain.
4. The ability of the separation is strong, the range of the separation particle size is big, it can remove the solid phase particles which the diameter is greater or equal than 15um.

DC Solid control is concentrated on matching the requirements of our customers. Our management principle is to supply a high quality, rapid, honest, considerate service to our customers. Our aim is to supply the most advanced equipment and technology to our customers.

Chevron Affiliate Moves on $37B Tengiz Expansion Project in Kazakhstan

Chevron Corporation announced Tuesday that its 50 percent owned affiliate, Tengizchevroil (TCO), has approved a major expansion project at the Tengiz oil field in Kazakhstan that will increase crude oil production at the site by about 260,000 barrels per day.

The Future Growth and Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP-WPMP), is currently estimated to cost $36.8 billion, which includes $27.1 billion for facilities, $3.5 billion for wells and $6.2 billion for contingency and escalation.


“The Future Growth and Wellhead Pressure Management Project represents an excellent opportunity for the company,” said Chevron Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Watson in a company statement.

“The project builds on a record of strong performance at Tengiz and will add value for Chevron and its stockholders,” he added.

The project will raise TCO’s total production to approximately 1 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. WPMP maximizes the value of existing TCO facilities by extending the production plateau and keeping existing plants producing at full capacity. FGP will use sour gas injection technology, successfully developed and proven during TCO’s previous expansion in 2008, to enhance oil recovery. First oil is planned for 2022.

Testing desander unit used for piling field in DC Machinery workshop

Desander is an common equipment of piling field which mainly separate out the 45-75um solid phase. Last week, the desander unit manufactured for Singapore clients tested in DC machinery workshop.

Structure of piling desander 

Desander is the combination of hydrocyclone and shale shaker. The main body can be separated into two parts, the above part is the hydrocyclone and the bottom is the circular shale shaker. The vibration exciter is driven by a vibration motor to keep the whole screen box vibrate with a forward circular track.


Piling Desander Features

Desander Options with shaker and without shaker for flexible applicaiton.
Desander Cyclone PU material with better Abrasion resistance
No under shaker design structure compact and assembly flexible
Mini desander cleaner with shaker for both weighted / unweighted mud in various drilling


Desander is placed after shakers and degasser but before desilter. Different from the Shale Shaker separating solids by screen. If you want to learn more about it, please contact us.

Assembly desander adn desilter of DC Machinery

Desander and desilter are widely used in oil&gas field, HDD, CBM and other drilling fields. DC desander and desilter are assembly in our workshop.

A desander is a piece of drilling rig equipment designed to separate sand from the drilling fluid. Abrasive solids which can’t be removed by shakers can be removed by it. The desander is installed before desilter but after shakers and degasser.


DC Series Desilter is used as the 3rd stage of solids control for drilling mud, which makes separations between 15 and 45um and installed after desander.

You are welcome to contact with us to get more detailed infos about our desander and desilter, we will supply cost-effective desanders and satisfactory pre- sale, sale and after-sale technical services.

Mud-flow device, manufactured for Russia clients

Mud-flow device, also called a jet hopper, Mud hopper is an accessories part of drilling fluid circulation system. Meanwhile mud hopper is an important part in jet mud mixer for increasing the liquid in the tube shear force, improving the dispersion effect. DC Solid control company manufactured 4 sets mud hopper for our repeat Russian clients.


The mud hopper is powered by a centrifugal pump that flows the mud at high velocity through a venturi nozzle (jet)  below the conical-shaped hopper. Dry materials are added through the mud hopper to provide dispersion, rapid hydration and uniform mixing. Liquids are sometimes fed into the mud by a hose placed in the hopper.


DC’S Mud equipmet range of mud mixing hoppers delivers safe, accurate and reliable mud mixing for both on- and off-  shore applications. Design of the hopper is focused on key safety and usability features such as dust-free operations, interfacing abilities and remote or manual control options.

DC Company can also design and manufacture upgrades of existing mud mixing hopper systems to ensure dust-free
operations and more modern interfacing abilities. Feeding and dosing is controlled using Open / Close valves; the valves can be controlled remotely (optional) or locally.

Inventory DCZCQ240 Vacuum Degasser For Da Qing Oilfield

DC Solid control is a famous company mainly focus on Oilfield drilling mud equipment. And we had cooperated with Da Qing Oilfield for many years. At the end of April, we got an urgent order of a ZCQ240 vacuum degasser used for ZJ40 drill rig.

Vacuum degasser can wipe off the invaded gas from drilling mud quickly, restore drilling mud proportion, keep mud viscosity performance and improve the quality of drilling fluid. It is an safety device to deep above 3000m wells.

vacuum degasser

Main Features of DCZCQ Series Vacuum degasser :

1. Compact design.
2. High performance/full vacuum.
3. Vacuum pump mounted together with degasser vessel.
4. Internal impellers.
5. Vertically-mounted units.
6. Without feed pump.

Vacuum degasser produced by DC Machinery is suitable for various supporting of drilling mud solids control system, it plays an important role in restoring drilling mud performance, and can also be an agitator with big power. You are welcome to contact with us to get more detailed infos, we will supply cost-effective vacuum degasser and satisfactory pre-sale, sale and after-sale technical services.

The reason why choose DC’S high quality mud cleaner for using

Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solid control equipment and widely used in drilling fluid circulation system. DC combination of mud cleaner include desander, deserter, pressure gage, hydrocyclone, bottom flow slot, shale shaker, stents and pedestal.

The characteristics of DC’S Mud cleaner is:

Have no control deceleration insitutionsm between the main into pipes and main out pipes there are spout in the pedestal, the screen located in the spout, it is easy to use and maintain, working reliable, can remove the harmful phase quickly, improve the performance of drilling fluid, meet the requirement of the new technology of high pressure spar.

mud cleaner

Advantages of DC’S Mud cleaners:

1. It is a necessary equipment of deep well and super deep well disposed the aggravation of drilling fluid, it can remove the super fine solid phase in aggravation of fluid.
2. It can effectively control the content of aggravation of drilling fluid, to prevent the pressure difference the post card, adhesion the post card and other accidents,reduce the bond issues of drilling string and the thickness.
3. Save the drilling cost.
4. Improved the drilling environment.

mud cleaners

DC Mud cleaners occupys small space and the function is powerful , mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud. DC Solid control can design different flow mud cleaner which can equipped different Qty desander and desilter hydrocyclones on a pointed bottom shale shakers. Welcome to foreign and domestic users inquiry.

DC’s superiority centrifugal pump for sale

Centrifugal pump is a kind of centrifugal pump, it uses axial inhalation structure, the flow passage components is antifriction cast iron. The impeller is open and adapts transport high viscosity drilling fluid. The pump body, impeller and backplate use the material of non-metallic wear resistant. Besides, the high pressure water is injected to the lubrication part of pump shaft to prevent desnader enter into glide parts.

centrifugal pump

Characteristics and advantages of centrifugal pump:

1. Impeller of centrifugal is open type and number of blades are less, the radial of impeller is less, the impeller is width, inlet mouth angle is big, out mouth is small. The linear of impeller is logarithmic spiral to verify the imbedibility and abrasive resistance is good.
2. The worm of centrifugal uses the spiral and the section of worm is rectangle. Centrifugal worm and impeller use the method of area ratio to design, it can control laryngeal flow speed and has high efficiency wear resistance.
3.Sealing form uses the newest mechanical seal and the new type comprehensive shaft seal. Pump shaft seal uses packing seal and the padding room is added the high pressure pure water to clean, it ensure the pump can operate regularly.
4.Centrifugal pump has the advantages of low pressure, big displacement, high efficiency, operation steady and safety, maintenance and adjustment is easy and convenient and service life is long, it also can meet the requirements of customers’.
5. Centrifugal pump accords the movement rules of two phases and distortion rules and the optimize working condition parameter of experiment grade to decide.
6. The main components are all wear resistant ductile iron and resin sand to manufacture, the using life is long and nice exterior.
7. The surface of centrifugal pump all use sand blasting treatment, the paint uses the anticorrosive epoxy zinc rich paint and high pressure airless process construction.
8. All bolts, nuts, flat gaskets and split cotter pin must be galvanized but don’t have chromeplate and nickel plating.

DC production of centrifugal pump is for oil field drilling fluid new supporting pump . The impeller is specially designed to have a wider flow pass and smooth vanes , with larger flow area and smooth fluid pass , making the pump efficiency and energy saving , 10 % higher than similar products .

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