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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Detailed maintenance of Centrifugal Pump

The working environment of centrifugal pump is bad, need to deliver the drilling fluid for a long time, so we need to maintain it constantly. The following is the detailed maintenance of centrifugal pump.

1  Impeller: It must be renewed if serious cavitation (in particular the main vanes) and excessive damage.

2  Shaft: Repair and maintain or renew it if the runout is over 0.05mm, the location of lip seal had been seriously bruised and the surface of shaft had been damaged.

3  Shaft sleeve: Please renew it if rough surface and serious damage.

4  Lip Seal: The dismantled lip seal must be changed.

5  Ball Bearing: For the bearing which is too wearing, and too tight, loose or with noise when operating, sure to renew it (Note: The new bearing box is unpacked only when renewing and it must be the same type and size as original one).

6  All the parts and particularly the rotating ring of mechanical seal, ‘0’ sealing groove, thread, sealing face, bearing and its lubricating location must be carefully cleaned. Also polish the rough lecation with sifts gauze.

7  When assembling the inboard bearing, the two bearings should be back to back, sure to buckle the lock washer after screwing the locknut and the locking force is 346N.M.

8  A thin layer of antifriction should be smeared on the shaft before fitting the shaft sleeve.

9  The clearance between the back of impeller and protecting plate is 0.6mm.

10  The locking force of each bolt & nut is 195N.M.

11  The packing gland cannot be screwed too tight and keep the liquid leaking drop by drop, or the packing will be burned down when the pump operating.

12  The assembling can be proceeded as the opposite sequence and pump shaft should smoothly rotate after assembling.


The care and maintenance of Shale Shaker Excitation Motor

The care and maintenance of Shale Shaker Excitation Motor can increase shale shaker work efficiency, extend service life of shale shaker and reduce the operation cost.

1 The dust on the casing should be cleaned periodically.

2 Before operation the fix bolts of the motor should be checked to see if they are loosened. If so, they should be fixed tightly before use.

3 Check to see if the service cable is rubbed, buried or squeezed.

4 A good lubrication of the motors should be ensured during their operation.

An appropriate amount of high temperature lubricating grease has already be injected into the bearing before its assemblage, with working temperature between -40~200°C.

Not more than 25.8g lubricating grease should be injected into each bearing for every 2000 hours.

Usually the temperature of the bearing will rise for one or two days after lubrication. The lubricating holes should be sealed to prevent dust from entering into the bearing and damaging it.

5 The insulating test should be done to the coil of the motor after a long period of halting. It will not be operating until the resistance is less than 0.5 MSZ when testing with 500V megameter.


The power supply should be cut off immediately when the motor is found not running with power supply connected to avoid damage the motor.

Observe the motor to see whether there are anything abnormal happened, such as intermittent or strange noise. If two motors are not running synchronically, it should be stopped immediately and restart after the problem has been solved.

Under cold state, the motor continuously starting should not be more than 5 times generally. And under thermal state, if the motor is started over again, it cannot be exceeds 3 times.


Solve common fault of using centrifugal pump

Two centrifugal pumps connected in parallel on the same solids control equipment. This is the most often occurred situation in drilling fluid solids control arrangement. If the pressure head is 30m, the flow of hopper nozzle is 25L/s, install two centrifugal pumps in parallel can get a pump with pressure head of 30m, the flow is still 25L/s. The result of two pumps parallel operation is:

1 In fact only have one pump flow.

2 Almost only have one pump delivery pressure.

3 Compared with one pump, the wear is reduced if using two pumps.

4 The power consumption is increased, if one pump be a good status, it can complete most or entire work, and maybe pumping by another pump reversely.

If one pump can’t reach the required pressure head, we should not add another pump abreast. We should check whether the pump be a good working state, if the pump has already be a good working state, but not yet reach the required pressure head, we need to change bigger impeller. After choosing bigger pump or impeller, the motor power is also required larger, and the flow of centrifugal pump will be increased. Therefore, before installing the bigger impeller, we should check whether the motor has enough power, if has already reach the required pressure head, but still need larger flow, then need to replace the equipment to use larger handling capacity equipment or add hydrocyclone cones.


Adjust centrifuge for getting better separation

Drilling fluid centrifuge is the special equipment of solid-liquid separation. It can accomplish each procedure of feed, centrifugal sedimentation, unloading, etc. it mainly uses for recycling barite, eliminating small solid, reducing the solid content of drilling fluid, controlling the density and viscosity of drilling fluid, ensuring the performance of drilling fluid, and plays an important role in quick drilling. 

We can through the adjustment of centrifuge to get the best separation effect.

The adjustment of centrifuge can through the weir plate. Weir plate is the component of adjust liquid level. By replacing different weir plate, can get different radius of the liquid level.  According to whether has BD plate to determine the highest level. Has BD plate can be a higher level, if not has the BD plate can be a lower level. Generally speaking, low liquid level can get higher solid phase dryness, higher liquid level can get higher liquid phase clarity.

We can also adjust centrifuge bowl rotary speed. Higher rotary speed can get higher separation factor and better separating effect. But for some materials, the higher separation factor is not always better. After choosing suitable weir plate and rotary speed, in the operation process, we can through the adjustment of some parameters to get the best separation effect.

Of course, we need to according to the practical situation in oilfield, choose suitable adjustment of centrifuge to get better effect.


High quality Shaker Screen in oilfield

The combination property of drilling fluid shale shaker is reflected by sieve size, service life, and the treating capacity, moreover the above-mentioned situations are bound up with the structure and performance of screen. Screen is the important part in sieving, and is a kind of easy consumable in drilling.

Therefore we should pay attention to maintain shaker screen. Before every shut off, the shaker should run without any medium for 5-10 minutes, at the same time, use clean water to flush screen clean.  There should be not much sediment on shaker frame and shaker screen.

Choose suitable mesh of shaker screen is also important. Usually, when the shale shaker is first stage solids control equipment the shaker screen can be 30-100mesh. When the shale shaker is a part of desander or desilter, the shaker screen  will be 80-200mesh. Simply speaking, if the mesh number is larger, the sieve size is smaller, the handling capacity will be reduced at the same time. Of course, the selection is relative with drilling mud property and our working condition at the drilling job site.

The following is the common used shaker screens in oilfield drilling.

Any interest or questions please contact our company freely.



Mud gas separator & Vacuum degasser

Drilling fluid mud gas separator is the primary degassing equipment for disposing drilling fluid. Compared with vacuum degasser, the major difference is the mud gas separator is mainly used for eliminating the big bubbles whose diameter is larger than 3mm in drilling fluid. In addition, mud gas separator is mainly by gravity impact action to realize the separation, and yet the vacuum degasser adopts the theory of vacuum, centrifugation.

The handling capacity of vacuum degasser is less than the mud gas separator, but can eliminate gas more thoroughly. Generally the drilling fluid disposed by mud gas separator still contains minute bubbles, after through shale shaker, and enter into the vacuum degasser to dispose.


The following are the DC Machinery Mud gas separator and Vacuum degasser parameters.

Mud gas separator parameters:

Model ZYQ800 ZYQ1000 ZYQ1200
Main body diameter 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Capacity 200~260m3/h 240~300m3/h 280~360m3/h
Inlet pipe 5″ 5″ 5″
Output pipe 8″ 8″ 10″
Gas discharge pipe 8″ 8″ 8″
Weight 1600kg 2100kg 2800kg
Dimensions 1900×1900×5700mm 2000×2000×5860mm 2200×2200×6634mm

Vacuum degasser parameters:

Model ZCQ240 ZCQ270 ZCQ300 ZCQ360
Main Diameter 700mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm
Treating Capacity ≤240 m3/h ≤270 m3/h ≤300 m3/h ≤360 m3/h
Vacuum -0.030~-0.045MPa -0.030~-0.050MPa -0.030~-0.055MPa -0.040~-0.065MPa
Ratio 1.68 1.68 1.68 1.72
Efficiency ≥95%
Motor Power 15kw 22kw 30kw 37kw
Vacuum Power 2.2kw 3kw 4kw 7.5kw
Dimension 1750×860×1500 2000×1000×1670 2250×1330×1650 2400×1500×1850
Weight 1150kg 1450kg 1800kg 2100kg

The mud gas separator and vacuum degasser are all degassing equipments in solids control system, they are extremely reliable, vital piece of safety equipments for today’s drilling operations.


Double Amplitude Shale Shaker for sale

DC Machinery can produce all kinds of shale shakers with different sizes and types, can meet the requirements of different handling capacity and installation sizes. Also, DC Machinery can produce Double Amplitude Shale Shaker according to the actual requirements of clients and supply the corresponding pipelines

DC Machinery shale shaker features:

1 The vibration motor is from the Italia joint venture company named Oli.

2 The whole screen box has been heat treated, and there is anticorrosive coating on the surface to keep a long life of shale shaker.

3 Using thermal relay overloading and open phase protection of electric control cabinet to guarantee the safety of the operators.

DCS/TS Drilling Fluid Double Amplitude Shale Shaker Parameters:



Vibrating Mode

Linear Motion + Balanced Elliptical Motion

Motor Power


Vibrating Strength




Treating Capacity

140 m3/h (616 GPM)

Deck Adjustment


Normal Power

380V/50HZ(Foreign custom motor according to customer requirements)

Screen Area

2.68 m2

Screen Specification

750×1195mm  (40~200mesh)


Treating capacity test from mud:1.2g/cm3 density & viscosity 45s & 40mesh

High quality Shear pump for sale

Shear pump is on the basis of existing centrifugal pump theory, through the improvement to develop a new, efficient centrifugal pump, is designed for quick preparation and dispose drilling fluid in the solids control equipment system.

The main application is shear polymer clay, it can mix material effectively, fully hydrate material, save material using, shorten drilling fluid preparation time, supply good drilling fluid performance to drilling process.

In use process of  shear pump, we should notice some details: 1 After using shear pump, we should use clear water flush pipeline and shear pump, to avoid leftover block runner and nozzle of impeller. 2 Bearing bore is filled in grease about 10~20ml every other week, combination seal cavity is filled in grease about 10~20ml every day. 3 In winter, if the pump will not used for a long time, drilling fluid in pump shell should be discharged, to avoid drilling fluid freeze.

DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of  shear pump, the shear pump can greatly enhance clay particle extent of hydration, make the polymer be sheared, diluted and hydrated as soon as possible, can save bentonite more than 30%.

The following is the DC Machinery shear pump parameters:

Model JQB6545 JQB6535
Flow 120m3/h 100m3/h
Lift 45m 35m
Power 55kw 45kw
Weight 980kg 800kg
L×W×H 1150×1100×1500mm 1150×1100×1250mm

Drilling mud tank china manufacturer

Drilling mud tank is the main part in solids control system, as a carrier of mud, mud tank is indispensable part in mud system, it can complete mud weighting, mixed, solid-liquid separation, degassing and other technology in turn.

In a set of solids control system, the size of the single tank and the amount of the cycle tank are decided by the height of the substructure, the local transportation condition, and the effective volume of the drill rig needed, etc.

The top of the cycle tank should have enough space to put solids control equipments, mud agitator and drill rig transfer pump. Moreover, the settings of the associated line, mud trough, accessory, pump inhalation, remove pipeline, water pipeline and the space of other equipments should be considered. The volume of every storehouse mainly depends on the installation space of solids control equipments like shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge, and other auxiliary equipments to confirm.

DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of drilling mud tank, the following is the characteristics of DC Machinery mud tank.

Technology Characteristic:

1 Cold-resistent, high temperature resistance, anti-explosion, anti-leakage, anti-corrosion, raining proof, adapt to wicked condition of well drilling.

2 There are medium pressure mud pipelines and rinsing pipelines on the top of the tanks.

3 Accurate positioning between tanks, and can connect rapidly.

4 The surface is processed by sandblasting, the in-tank is painted with heavy anti-corrosion bituminous paint, and outside of the tank is painted by the oil-proof and acid and alkali corrosion resistant paint.

5 To use the hard links between the tanks, it is convenient to install and dismantle, has a good scalability.

6 The drilling mud tank can be designed according to the customers’ requirements.


Basic description of Hydrocyclone

The hydrocyclone is a vessel container with cylinder part, the cylinder part of upper cone is mud inlet room; the outboard install a tangential stock inlet; the underpart of cone is open mouth, the size of caliber is adjustable, use for discharging the solid particles.

In general, the shell of hydrocyclone is made of cast iron. For improving the wear-resisting property, the inside uses the wear-resisting rubber. For improving the service life further, shells of some hydrocyclones use the polyurethane, both wear and corrosion resistance. About the large-sized hydrocyclone, the shell use the material of alufer, interior use the polyurethane, this not only ensure shell have enough strength, and reduced the weight.

In general, the hydrocyclone is installed vertically, however also can be installed aslant or horizontally.

Most hydrocyclone, if without regard to inner diameter of stock inlet, the working performance will be best at the 23m pressure head. In market, some new cones structure may be need different pressure head, user must verify whether the centrifugal pump can provide suitable pressure to hydrocyclone manifold. When installing sand pump, should ensured less bend and T pipeline, the suction line should be the shortest length, guarantee friction loss is minimal.

Hydrocyclone is designed for separating solids from liquids and are successfully used in a broad range of industrial and environment applications. It is also often used in petroleum drilling industry.


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