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Monthly Archives: February 2013

The manufacture of shale shaker in China

At present, domestic shale shaker production, research and development have already blossom everywhere, most of manufacturers grasp the technology of linear motion shale shaker and elliptical motion shale shaker. The difference of theory parameter and structural concept are little, the main difference is manufacturing process level. 

The domestic shale shaker whether is the linear motion or elliptical motion, screen box structure and corresponding auxiliary function have the following common:

1 The shale shaker frame is weld structural part, the vibrating motor and screen plate are installed on the screen box by parts.

2 The shale shaker frame is set on the support adjustment beam, the vibration reduction springs are installed on the four corners near the screen box, and the components or equipments are freed from the influence of frame vibrating.

3 There are three or four frame screens or wave screens, and fixed by bolt and hook strip tension.

4 The combined action of transverse and longitudinal support make screen frame have enough strength, screen frame along the lateral central slightly higher than the two sides, and in the transverse direction form a raised arc. In this way can make the screen tension, and can enhance the service life of screen.

DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment in China. We will provide our client high quality shale shaker with most reasonable price, at the same time we also sincerely offer the high level after sales service for any home or abroad clients. We still adhere to the concept of creating the maximum values and the satisfaction for our clients.


Hydrocyclone trouble shooting

Hydrocyclone is designed for separating solids from liquids and are successfully used in a broad range of industrial and environment applications. It is also often used in petroleum drilling industry. This article lists some trouble shooting about hydrocyclone.

1 Under the situation of centrifugal cone no damage, the bottom flow hole of the cone block continuously.

The reason and measure: the inlet or outlet is blocked, bottom flow hole is too small. We can eliminate the block, clean pipeline, check up the shaker screen whether be damaged or appear flow around a body.

2 There is no drilling fluid flow in centrifugal cone (leakage).

The reason and measure: the inlet is blocked, so lead to the drilling fluid backflow.

3 The stock inlet pressure head is low.

Check up the running state of centrifugal pump: include the revolutions per minute, voltage, etc. Check up the pipeline block, such as solid sediment, valve close. Check up the shaker screen whether be damaged or flow around a body.

4 The centrifugal cones discharge dry particles.

The reason and measure: the bottom opening is too small, we should increase more cones.

5 The solid content in drilling fluid is increase.

The reason and measure: the processing capacity of centrifugal cone is not enough, we can install more cones. The solid particles may be too small, the mesh number of shaker screen may be too low.

6 The loss of drilling fluid is too much.

The reason and measure: The bottom flow hole of centrifugal cone is too big, decrease the diameter of discharge outlet or use the centrifugal cone with smaller nominal diameter.

7 The cone discharge unsteadily, the feed pressure head is changed.

The gas interfuse feed pipeline, check up the degasser is normal or not.

8 The bottom flow of hydrocyclone aerate.

Set passage to make the overflow enter into the drilling fluid pool.


Drilling fluid Desander and Desilter for sale

Desander is the second equipment in solids control system, it is used to separate the solid phase particles whose diameter is more than 44μm from drilling fluid.

Desilter is the third class equipment in solids control system, it is used to separate the solid particles whose diameter is 15-44μm from drilling fluid.

Desander and Desilter are designed by the theory of particle sedimentation. The separation medium-drilling fluid produces some pressure and speed when it passes the centrifugal pump, and flows into the hydrocyclone along the wall, the bigger solid particles along the wall of hydrocyclone sink spirally under the centrifugal force and gravity, and to be discharged from the bottom flow hole and fall on the under micromeshsieve for separation. The other mediums rise along the spiral of hydrocyclone, flow into the next class separation equipment for a further cleaning treatment from the overflow hole.

In order to meet the requirement of disposing all drilling fluid, desander and desilter must be constituted by several hydrocyclone cones. For ensure the normal work of hydrocyclones, the liquid inlet pressure must be kept 0.25~0.35MPa. Due to the cones of desilter are more, pipeline is long, so the liquid inlet pressure should take larger value; the cones of desander are little, pipeline is short, so the liquid inlet pressure should take lesser value.

The liquid inlet pressure mainly depends on whether the matched sand pump is reasonable, thus it is important for choosing sand pump. Throw of sand pump is about 40m generally, the discharge capacity is equal to the marked thruput of desander and desilter, can satisfy the use requirement. Meanwhile, choosing desander and desilter must refer to the max thruput of drilling pump, achieve reasonable match.


Detailed installation of Jet mud mixer

As with all equipments, jet mud mixer  must be correctly  calibrated and installed, to obtain the ideal working performance.

1 Try to reduce pipeline on-way resistance, thus the pipeline required short and thick, smooth bend. Jet hopper equipped with matching venture tube can improve treating capacity, speed up solid diffusion and avoid caking.

2 The return pressure of outlet pipe needed moderate, overlarge return pressure will reduce the treating capacity of mixed hopper. For example, when the nozzle outlet diameter is 50mm, the gap between nozzle and venturi tube is 90mm, mixed hopper working pressure head is 21~23m, before return pressure value not reach 50% of inlet pressure, mixing chamber has the high vacuum, however when the return pressure value is near by 50% of inlet pressure, the vacuum is almost zero, drilling fluid begin to return flow in hopper.

3 Another important consideration of install equipment is the drilling fluid required lifted height. If discharge needed to enter into different deck tank or a taunt tank and hopper, mix rate will be decreased. When the height from 1.83m to 3.66m, barite adding rate will be reduced to 17%. If the increased demand is very high, the pump capacity is insufficient, mixed ability will be greatly reduced.

4 In order to ensure the required well pressure, suggest that each drilling crew should equipped with a spare set of mixing hoppers, in most cases spare hoppers used overlap mode.

Any questions about solids control equipment, please contact DC Machinery freely.


Desander operating manual for Bulgaria client

A few days ago, Bulgaria client ordered some solids control equipment from my company, contains shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifugal pump. The following is the CSQ200×1Desander operating manual for Bulgaria client.

I. Summary:

Desander is the second equipment in solids control system, it is the combination of desander and shale shaker. Desander is designed by the theory of particle sedimentation. The drilling fluid produces some pressure and speed when it passes the centrifugal pump, and flows into the hydrocyclone along the wall, the bigger solid particles along the wall of hydrocyclone sink spirally under the centrifugal force and gravity, and to be discharged from the bottom flow hole and fall on the under micromeshsieve for separation. The other mediums rise along the spiral of hydrocyclone, flow into the third class separation equipment-desilter for a further cleaning treatment from the overflow hole.

II. Technical parameters:

  1. Cone Diameter:             φ200mm
  2. Cone Number:              1
  3. Inlet Size:                  φ114mm
  4. Outlet Size:                 φ114mm
  5. Separation Size:             47-74μm
  6. Working Pressure:            0.15~0.35Mpa
  7. Treating Capacity:            60m³/h
  8. Power :                    0.4KW
  9. Matching pump:             11kw

10. Dimension:                 1470×1400×1650mm

11. Weight:                    550kg

III. Installation and debugging:

Desander is mainly composed of shale shaker, hydrocyclones, etc. The liquid inlet pipe and overflow pipe are symmetrical structure at both ends, convenient to install. The liquid outlet of centrifugal pump and the liquid inlet pipe of desander should be connected with pipes.

IV. Running and maintenance

1.Reference work pressure for the swirler (8″) processing slurry with different density is seen in the following table:

Slurry density( g/cm³)

Work pressure (MPa)

1.00 0.22
1.08 0.24
1.20 0.26
1.32 0.29
1.44 0.32
1.56 0.34
1.68 0.37
1.80 0.40
1.92 0.42
2.04 0.45

2. Under ideal working state the spouting angle at the bottom will be 20°~30°.

3. No load running should be going for 5~10 minutes after every halt of pump running, with screen cloth cleanly washed in clear water. And it is especially to do so when slurry having big viscosity to be processed with close-mesh screen for processing effect will be impacted because the meshes are blocked by sticky substance and silver sand.

4. After the equipment has run up to 4000hours, the wearing parts including upper cone-shaped canister and body case of the swirler, etc. should be checked or replaced.

V. List and type of wearing parts











 600×1600mm (120~150mesh)


Drilling fluid weighting tank

Drilling mud tank is used for storing drilling fluid in solids control system and drilling process. From the function points have metering tank, circulating tank, medicine tank, weighting tank, sedimentation tank, suction tank, storage tank, etc.

Weighted drilling fluid is an important and effective measure of control well press, control well press means control high pressure oil (gas) layer, therefore the solid control of weighted drilling fluid should be valued and strengthened.

Weighting tank is installed on the suction link, typical volume is 3~8m³. This kind of tank should be separated from circulatory system, mainly used for storing a little special liquid. Some drilling fluid system is equipped with more than one weighted tank. They are all connected with the feed hopper by pipelines, for adding solid phase and chemical materials, and be used for preparing heavier drilling fluid.

 The weighting tank is also used for mixing chemical additive or preparing water base drilling fluid. The weighting tank must be connected with the main suction slurry tank by pipelines and through centrifugal pump. When preparing different kinds of drilling fluid, we must stir the weighting tank suitably, especially needed to be equipped with one or more drilling mud guns to avoid the particles deposit in the bottom of tank.


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