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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Function of Jet Mud Hoppers


The unit is used to make up drilling fluid or increase total amount of the drilling fluid, change the fluid density, viscosity, and dehydration. When making up again, put the materials of drilling fluid (such as bentonite and barite powder) and corresponding chemical additives (such as polymer) into the recycle tank through the jet unit. If put them directly, the materials of drilling fluid and chemical additives will be deposited largely or dump together and we can’t obtain diffused and well-proportioned drilling fluid.

SLH jet mud hopper is a unit used together with the solid control system for petroleum drilling. It is suitable for drilling from 1,500 meters to 6,000 meters and can strengthen and make up drilling fluid through the fixed control system horizontally. The unit includes one jet mixing funnel and one mud hopper that are installed by pipe valves. It is safe and stable and can be moved conveniently.

DCLW355 VFD decanter Centrifuge

DCLW355 VFD Centrifuge is designed for the drilling mud solids control and oilfield waste management.DC VFD drive decanter centrifuge with variable and high speed .

Structure of centrifuge motors

The high speed variable frequency centrifuge is made of one set 30kw main motor, one set 7.5kw back motor, one set 5.5kw feeding pump, one control cabinet and one control box.


centrifuge cabinet_

Mechanical structure of centrifuge

Usually the horizontal spiral centrifuge is made of two parts: one part is drum, and the other part is spin substation apparatus. Viewing from now, the middle speed centrifuge use braked differential, connecting the drum and screw conveyor shaft, but the slip rate can’t adjusted, so solid liquid separation effect is not ideal. But the DCLW355VFD high speed centrifuge, the main motor drive roller rotate and the back motor drive spiral conveyor, which adjusted by the MM440 inverter automatic to change the slip ratio and better realize the solid- liquid separation.

Features of DC Decanter Centrifuge

• DC Centrifuge with High G Force up to 3000, High Capacty up to 400GPM
• Centrifuge Bowl material made from Duplex Stainless Steel by centrifugal casting
• DC VFD and PLC controled decanter centrifuge for flexible application: Fine/Ultra fine solids separation, dewatering,barite recovery.
• The centrifuge screw propeller made from stainless steel and liquid distribution port protected by tungsten carbide alloy
• One side motor design for easy access to the centrifuge main body.
• Bearing from FAG/SKF original parts
• Eletrical Components: SIEMENS/Schneider for the centrifuge control panel.

DC decanting centrifuge is especially effective in meeting fluid-on-cuttings discharge requirements in environmentally sensitive areas. decanting centrifuge also deliver high fluid recovery rates and efficient solids control to significantly reduce the operator’s total mud cost and limit waste disposal volumes.

Gaps between China Made and World Advanced Solids Control Equipments

Solids Control Equipments

In recent years, the theoretical research and manufacturing technology level of China made drilling fluid solid control equipments have a great development, especially the theory research has reached the international advanced level, but there are still some gaps on the performance, service life of China made solid control equipments and world advanced solids control equipments, the gaps are mainly come from raw material, manufacturing technics, machining accuracy and quality of matching general equipments(e.g. motor).

High pressure (bearing 80MPa), large capacity (30L/s) solids control equipments are still blank. Shale shaker types are very few, so drying type fine-mesh shale shakers, crawler type non vibration sieving equipments, environmental protection specially used for offshore drilling solids control equipments and multifunctional solid control systems which are suitable for various conditions need to be developed in the future.

ZJ40 solids control systems developed and manufactured by Tang Shan Dachuan Machinery Co., Ltd. is configured of five to six grades purification equipments which can accomplish 1 ~ 6 grades purification of drilling fluid according to the need of drilling operation. The total volume of the system is 240m³, maximum throughput is 360m³/h, with sufficient drilling fluid reserve function, can meet the needs of drilling deep well and high flow rate of drilling fluid system supplement; in every tank unit not only the equipments and technology are advanced, and also realizes the modularization, strong adaptability and convenient movement.


LCM-3DKing Cobra Cascade ShakerThe LCM-3D/KING COBRA Cascade shale shaker combines two proven models in one package for the most effective liquid/solids separation machine on the market.

The scalping shaker, which is mounted above the primary shaker, consists of a 4-panel KING COBRA that has been tuned to elliptical motion. Elliptical motion is effective in maximizing scalping ability when large, sticky, hydrated clays and other troublesome solids are encountered.

The primary shaker consists of a 4-panel LCM-3D that has been tuned to linear motion. Linear motion, which allows for high throughput, is highly effective in rapidly separating and discharging solids.

To further increase separation efficiency, an optional VFD G-Force Controller is available on the linear motion LCM-3D primary shaker, which allows the operator to adjust the G-forces exerted on the shaker bed to one of three settings: 6.1 (NORM), 6.5 (HIGH) and 7.1 (MAX). The LCM-3D/KING COBRA Cascade shaker also utilizes four repairable, pretension screens (primary and scalping) for cost savings.



Unique, rugged shaker basket design (LCM-3D and KING COBRA)

Provides optimal mud coverage of screen surface

Few replacement parts for shaker (LCM-3D and KING COBRA)

Provides a small parts inventory, thus enabling cost savings to be realized

Elliptical motion (KING COBRA)

Easily removes large, sticky, hydrated clays and other troublesome solids

Linear shaker motion (LCM-3D)

Rapidly separates and discharges solids

Patented drying deck (LCM-3D and KING COBRA)

Reduces mud losses via a dry solids discharge

Exclusive shaker deck angles (0°, +5°, +5°, +5° on LCM-3D and KING COBRA)

Keeps mud pool volume small, which helps to increase screen life

Utilization of four (4) repairable, pretension screens (LCM-3D and King Cobra)

Offers 33.4 ft2 (3.1 m2) of screening area on each deck which is repairable, thus providing cost savings

Individual seals on every screen (LCM-3D and KING COBRA)

Eliminate screen leakage

Patented pin-and-hole screen securing system (LCM-3D and KING COBRA)

Secures screens to shaker basket snugly so they will not slip or slide once in place


China high quality Mud cleaner for sale

DCQJ mud cleaner is a normal model of our company, we can design customized cost-effective mud Cleaner for customers special needs. Our mud cleaner can meet almost all needs for oil & gas well drilling fluids treatment system and HDD Mud Recycling System.

Drilling mud cleaner is also called Desander and Desilter assembly,which is the combination of desander,desilter and an underflow screen. Namely, mud cleaners consists of a two-stage separation process using a combination of hydrocyclones mounted over a shale shaker to operate as a single unit.

mud cleaner

DC’s compact, patented, multi-functional mud cleaners are designed to be operated as both a double-deck drying shaker / mud cleaner or double-deck flowline shaker. The built in multi-functional feature allows the operator to handle varying drilling fluid viscosities and solids content with the same unit. In the dual simultaneous flow mode, the top deck handles the hydrocyclone underflow and the bottom deck handles the primary scalping.

mud cleaner

Traditional mud cleaners use multiple 4? or 5cyclones, mounted over a vibrating screen, and are able to effectively process 400-600 GPM. The process capacity is limited by screen capacity and its ability to discard dry solids. With the introduction of linear motion vibrating screens, the capacity of the mud cleaner screen has been greatly increased. This, in turn, allows the use of additional hydrocyclones and higher, overall process capabilities.

How to Select the Right Mud Recycling System Equipments

Mud Recycling System


Here Are a Few Tips Before Making that Purchase

One major asset to a driller on location is the right mud recycling system. But, how do you know which manufacturer and size mud recycling system is the right one for you?
There is certain information that you need in order to make a well informed decision and before you cut the check on buying this big ticket item.

The factors that you should consider when sizing a mud system are:

1) Type of drill you will be using
2) The drill rate
3) The type of solids
4) The length of your bore
5) The GPM of the pump
6) The tank volume you will need
7) The number of cones
8) The screen size

These factors are important to know so that you use a recycler that is adequate enough to clean the mud and protect the components on the rig, pump and cleaner. Once you have decided on the size of the mud system you need, there is more information that you should be armed with:

Gallons per Minute: When deciding the size of a mud system that you will need, it is best to base it on 1 ½ to two times the amount you are pumping. Example: If you are pumping 250 gals, you would want to go with a 500-gpm unit.

Trailer or Skid: Depending on your requirements, mud systems can be trailer mounted or skid mounted. Trailer-mounted units require dedicated trailer (built to unit). Skid-mounted unit can be removed from trailer which releases the trailer for other duties.

Screen surface: The more screen surface area you have means more volume that you can clean.

Screen selection: The mesh size of screens is measured by the number of holes per square inch on the screen. Different mesh sizes control the size of the cuttings that you remove. The same mesh size will not work in all drilling conditions. Sizes will vary depending on the size of the cuttings and the type of formations you are cleaning.

Shakers: There are three types of shakers (orbital, elliptical and linear). Orbital is a circular motion and elliptical isn’t perfectly circular — it’s an ellipse or oval. Linear has vibration that is induced by a pair of eccentric (or eccentrically weighted) shafts turning in opposite directions. This type of arrangement allows for the development of straight line or linear motion that can also be produced in a positive (uphill) incline.
While each shaker has a specific place that it will shine like the price, the ability to process heavy clays and rock or fines and ultra-fines, our overall preference is the linear.

Cones: Depending on the size of the mud system you choose, the cone size will either be 4, 5, 10 or 12 in. Each size cone has a micron cut point, which is the size of the smallest particle that the cone can pull out. The 4- and 5-in. cones have a micron cut of 20 microns and the 10- and 12-in. have a 74 micron cut.
Hydrocyclone cones process the liquid at a rate of 50 gpm with the 4-in. cones, 80 gpm with the 5-in. and 500 gpm with the 10- or 12-in. cones.

Cones need pressure to work properly. A normal operating pressure range for 4- and 5-in. cones is 30 to 40 psi, 10- and 12-in. cones is 23 to 35 psi.

Trash Pump: Do you have a trash pump for your recycler? Trash pumps are designed to pump large amounts of water that contains hard and soft solids. Trash pumps are capable of processing materials that would clog other centrifugal pumps and can move hundreds or even thousands of gallons per minute.

Parts & Service: Mud systems have a lot of moving parts that must be maintained in order to keep them in premium working order. If you do not grease and adjust centrifugal packing on a regular basis, it will leak causing not only a mess but also a hazardous work environment.

Bearings require lubrication for long life. Cones can get plugged with debris making them inactive thus reducing your cleaning capacity. Screens get torn allowing trash to get into the system causing plugging problems.

It is inevitable that you will need replacement parts and screens for your mud systems. You want to be sure that you have a reliable source that can deliver the parts you need, when and where you need them.

Customization: What if you want to modify cleaning system? Would you rather have electric or hydraulic? Or paint it your company colors? Can you get an epoxy coating on the inside of the tank?

If your jobsite happens to be in a hazardous environment, you will want to be sure that a unit can be modified so that it is explosion proof.

For overseas jobs, you will need different electrical requirements, i.e 50 hertz as opposed to 60 hertz; can the manufacturer meet these requirements?

There are specialty applications; you should have options for a specialty piece of equipment. Be sure to check what, if any options are offered.

Environmental Awareness: In an age where our environment is a major concern, so should your choice of mud systems. You want to choose a unit that is respectful to the environment and will leave your jobsite as clean as possible.

Training: If you and/or your drilling crew have never operated a mud cleaning system you will want to be sure that you are provided with training. Knowing the maintenance requirements of your mud system will save you time and money. Usually the owner’s manual is sufficient but you may also want be assured that the manufacturer offers training videos, onsite or plant training sessions and the most important, technical support. There is nothing like knowing you have tech support when you are out in the field.

Financing Options: If you have never used a mud system or have limited experience with one, try it before you buy it. Rent a unit to see if it is the right fit for you and your company. You may also want to check if there is any type of financing available.

Warranty: Last but not least — a warranty. Be sure that you protect your investment and be sure of the manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t settle for less than a one year warranty. You need to know that a manufacturer stands behind their product.

Do your research, talk to other drillers, decide what you need and you will be able to make the best decision for you and your company.

Why shaker screen are easy broken

As we known shaker screen is a part of quick wear part of solid control system. But why it is so easy broken and how should we solve the problem?

The reason why excessively fast broken:

The quality of screen is not qualified, tension strength is not enough, vibration motor rotary direction is error, clay accumulation and etc.

shaker screen1 (2)

1 The tension strength is not enough lead to the screen vibrate, it usually retures along with the screen edge or package edge fracture place.

2. The quality of screen is not quality, usually screens has two layers, upper layer is the screening part and the bottom stress layer. We request the two layers should be fit closely, if the screen pre-tensioning technology is poor, when the bottom stress layer is tighten, but the screening layer is not tighten, the drilling cuttings throwing force is much reduced and can’t discharged when works.

shaker screen1 (1)

3.When adjust motor direction, the field operators according to the the experience of single-shaft shale shaker or the linear motion shale shaker think so long as drilling cuttings moving towards is ok, but the method don’t suitable for balance elliptical shale shaker. If the motor wrongly toward turn to the inside, although the throw angle is 45°, But there are cuttings Rolling back force, this time the speed of the forward migration of drilling cutting is much slower and stay a long times on screen, even will lead to drilling cuttings can’t discharged.

Compared to the product with metal back, our composite material shaker screen has lighter weight. Furthermore, it can be repaired easily. Due to the patented plug-repair system, the time for repairing the damage of the screen mesh is reduced largely and it only needs less than two minutes. When repairing the damaged screen mesh, there is no need for removing the damaged mesh as well as the processes of cutting, gluing and bonding the mesh. Only with a special plug can the problem of repairing the damaged mesh be solved.

The design principle of DC Solid control

Slurry Pump is a kind of vertical pump to transport the solid and liquid mixture which contain a certain concentration, and widely used in coal, aluminium industry, mining, electric power, chemical industry and ect.

DC Solid control have the advanced and mature technology of design the slurry pump. Now let me introduce you our design philosophy.

Slurry Pump1. High efficiency and save energy. Pump power consumption is big occupy 25% of the total power consumption. Compared with traditional slurry, it adopts two phase flow theory to design the slurry pump can improve the efficiency about 5% -10% with the obvious economic benefit.

2. Wear-resistant and save materials. It use the two phase flow theory to design the hydraulic line and greatly match with the medium operation locus to reduce the impacting abrasion. Meanwhile, choose the good wear resistant material can reduce the erosive wear of solid particles to the pump body.

3. The strong through capacity. The pumping medium always obtain the bigger solid particles to prevent blocking, the the design of throat size, tongue clearance, and impeller inlet and outlet flow section area all should consider the largest size of transportation particles.

4. Reliability principle. Considering the installation, operation, maintenance, convenience and operation safety.

You are welcome to contact with us to get more detailed infos, we will supply cost-effective Submersible slurry pump and satisfactory pre-sale, sale and after-sale technical services.

Waste Sludge Processing

Decanter Centrifuge Exported to  Guatemala01

One of the largest applications for the decanter centrifuge, certainly in terms of machines sold, is the dewatering of waste slurries arising from industrial processing, from raw water treatment, and from the treatment of municipal sewage. Almost all industrial manufacturing processes generate liquid wastes containing suspended solids; even an industry as apparently unconnected with liquid processes in its operations as machinery manufacture. Machining uses complex liquids for cooling and lubricating machine tools, which then become contaminated with dirt and metal scrap.

Machine tool fluids are usually valuable enough to need recycling, and so they must be cleaned before re-use. This is also true of many industrial wastes, that the liquid, once cleaned, or the separated solids, once dewatered (and, perhaps, washed) can be recycled profitably. However, the main bulk of waste slurries have to be dewatered in order that the suspending liquid can be discharged to a river or lake without polluting it, and the solids can be sent for final disposal in as small a bulk and as safe a condition as possible.

Waste sludges, once adequately dewatered, can be sent to landfill, or for soil improvement or fertiliser use, or to incineration. For most of these final destinations, a high degree of water removal is beneficial, and the decanter’s ability to achieve high drynesses has led to its wide acceptance in the treatment of waste slurries.

Causes and Treatment Methods of Shale Shaker Drilling Fluid Leakage

Shale Shaker

How to deal with drilling fluid leakage during the operation of shale shaker?  This phenomenon is mainly caused by three kinds of reasons.

  1. High content of solids phase particles, high fluid viscosity, dispersion of cuttings and other incidents relating screened materials;
  2. Small vibration force, high screen mesh, small screen area and other self-related conditions of shale shakers;
  3. Direction and position of liquid inlet when installing shale shakers in the field.

These points are analysed below.

First, the screen mesh selected is unreasonable. The handling capacity of each shale shaker is 50L/s. Since drilling in the surface layer is faster, more solids phase particles are produced and occupies effective screen area, the fine-mesh screens can’t be used in shallow well. In the beginning of drilling, large mesh screens should be used and with the increase of drilling depth, adopt more fine mesh screens gradually.

Second, the situation of layer and drilling fluid influence the handling capacity. As the chemicals added in the drilling fluid are not fully dissolved and paste on the screen, a serious fluid leakage will occur.Another situation is, when drilling into soft sandstone layer or sand layer, the sand grains are easy to stuck in the screen holes and leads to screen blocking.

Third, check if the rotation direction of the motor is correct. First, remove the vibrator shield, check if the rotation direction of eccentric blocks of the two motors are all revolving outward. Second, if the rotation direction is incorrect, please exchange any two phase lines of the input power supply in the electric cabinet.

Fault performance one, although the shale shaker can remove cuttings to the sides, when the two motors revolve inward, the separating speed is very slow; Fault performance two, if the two motors have the same rotation, the vibration force is very small and no sand and drilling fluid will be handled at this time.

Fourth, inspect the amplitude of shale shaker. The larger the amplitude is the larger the handling capacity. Adjust the vibration force to 90 before manufacture completed. If fluid leakage occurred, align the angles of inner and outer eccentric blocks, then the vibration force will be 100 (the handling capacity only increases by around 15) .

Fifth, check if the liquid flow distribution in the sieve frame is reasonable. Both sides of the screen surface of the hook-edged structure screen shale shaker are lower than that in the middle, the drilling fluid is easy to leak to the sides, so you should make sure the drilling fluid flows in the middle of the sieve frame. To accomplish this, we can apply two methods. The first is adjust the front spring seat and lift the front angle of screen box; The second is adjust the position of the turnover plate of extending grooves to control liquid flow distribution.

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