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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Important parameter of decanter centrifuges

Centrifuge is the last stage separation equipment in the drilling mud cleaning system, it is most often used for clarification of
liquid containing high concentrations of solids, removing solids from liquid.

centrifuges (1)

There are many type and models centrifuge used in oil and gas field, the most important factor of the decanter centrifuge treating
capacity is the drum diameter and length. It is the main parameters to affect centrifuge capacity. Normally speaking, the bigger of
the bowl size, the bigger of centrifuge max, capacity (hydraulic test). But it is not meant big bowl centrifuge is the best choice
for bigger capacity. Customer should consider the material condition, the result they want to get after separation to choose the
suitable model. For different mud condition, specially for drilling waste management, different centrifuge model suits.

centrifuges (2)

Besides, with different design, lengths and cone geometries, decanter centrifuge from DC Solid control can be applied in any
processing environment that requires a separation step between solids and liquids.  DC Solid control’s decanter centrifuges provide
meticulous control, low cost and high reliability.

Meanwhile in a range of sizes, decanter centrifuges provide an effective, low maintenance solution to liquid clarifying and solids
dewatering with advanced process and mechanical performance features. All models and systems built at DC Solid control system can be
modified into a turn-key operation.



How to debug drilling fluid

In different drilling site and different well depth need different drilling fluid content, so we should learn more something about
drilling fluid compound, following is the methods of drilling fluid compound.

Main advantages of polymer drilling fluid:

1. Drilling fluid density and content is lower,so is easy to improve drilling speed and have the small damage to the hydrocarbon
2. Property of drilling fluid shearing dilution. Under a certain pump discharge, the viscosity, shearing of annulus fluid is high, so
with the strong ability to carry cuttings; In the high shearing speed of the drill bit, the flow resistance is decreased which is in
favour of improve drilling speed.

3. Polymer treatment agents has the strong function of peridium and inhibition of dispersion.

drilling fluid

The methods of improving drilling fluid shearing.

1. Improve the solid content in drilling fluid.
2. Improve clay particle dispersion.
3. Add appropriate electrolytes( such as, NaCl、CaCl2, lime and ect.)
4. Add the water-soluble polymer compounds.

The methods of improving drilling fluid viscosity.

1. Improve solid phase particles.
2. Partial mesh structure is formed between solid particles.
3. Improve the solid dispersion.

The methods of reduce drilling fluid density.

1. Drilling fluid shale shaker, desander, mud desilter can remove the drilling cuttings, sand and other harmful solid phase to reduce
drilling fluid solid phase content and decrease density.
2. Add water to dilute.
3. Add a certain amount of foaming agent.
4. Using chemical flocculant to make parts solid particles coalescence precipitation and reduce the density.


Drilling fluid filter of drill rig system

Solid control system is the most important part in the whole drill rig system, which calld drilling “blood” filter. The reasonable solid control system can efficiency control drilling fluid solid phase content, and decrease drilling accident during drilling process which is an important method to realize safe, efficiency and economic drilling.

mud cleaning system (2)

Drilling fluid system is composed of shale shaker, desander, desilter hydrocyclone, decanter centrifuge, storage tank and ect, if one unit break down or the whole system is inappropriate will directly influence the drill rig performance, increase the risk of accident. So performance evaluation to solid control system is very valued for drilling process.

mud cleaning system (1)

Firstly, analyzing solid control system performance and main characteristics, and choosing the right solid control equipment according to the layer debris particles and drilling fluid properties.

Secondly, To analyzing the performance of the whole solid control system, to recognize the hidden security troubles and the security necessity and make the corresponding control measures.

Microtunnelling separation plant for Italy

Microtunnelling separation plant is very important for TBM.  DC Solids Control is also very professional at TBM (Tunnel Boring machine
separation system ).

mud cleaning system

We got a inquiry from Italy client who required our company design Microtunnelling separation plant for their drill site. The picture
beside is the most popular slurry treatment system. It usually contains a linear motion shale shaker (DCS63-3), and a mud cleaner,
hydro-cyclones with linear motion shale shaker (QJ200X2/100X8), also mud tank for storage, centrifugal pump to transport.

mud system

Meanwhile we learned so many from the client who focus on TBM, know how it works, first is TBM, the mud with debris, produced by the
tunnel boring machine. Then the shale shaker, usually linear motion, then hydro cyclones then shale shaker (mud cleaner as I notied
before).Then the centrifuge, this is depend by your condition, the mud and the object you required, and so on.

This is our new attempt to the TBM industry, we have the ability and confidence to try more industries, please following my blog to
many new and advanced mud cleaning equipment produced by DC Solid control.

Mud gas separator of drilling fluid system

Mud Gas Separator is designed for continued drilling in underbalanced conditions where dramatic pressure surges are normal. The DC
Mud Gas Separator is manufactured according to API and ISO Standard.
Mud gas separator is also known as Poor boy degasser, Liquid-gas separators, Gas Buster in world market. Mud gas Separators seats
beside mud solids control system and is used only when the drilling formation exists toxic and hazardous gases.

Mud gas separator

Working process of mud gas separator 

The working process of the poor boy degasser is simple. The drilling mud with gas mixture in the bore hole is transferred by mud
return lines to the inlet of the mud gas separator, allowing it to impinge on a series of baffles which separates gas from drilling
mud. The free gas flows into the flare line to be burned and the mud discharges to the shale shaker and to the mud tank.

Necessity of using mud gas separator

1. Separates and discharges the enormous free gas from drilling fluids, including poisonous gases like H2S.
2. Separated gas is carried by discharge lines to safe area for combustion.
3. The unit is ruggedly built and coated with anti-corrosion epoxy so as to ensure long service life when processing hazardous and
toxic gases.

Any requirements of mud gas separator or other solid control equipment( such as, shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter
centrifige, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mud tank and ect.) please feel free to contact us. We can manufacture solid control
system according to the special needs.

Key equipment of zero dischage solid control system

DC Solid control is a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment. The vertical cutting dryer is the key equipment  manufactured by DC Solid control. The performance of vertical cutting dyer is directly influence the abandon fluid treatment.

Vertical cuttings dryer is a single stage continuous phase vertical screen centrifuge that has proven to reduce the oil on cuttings
to as low as 5% by dry weight and typically achieves below 5% OOC levels.

vertical cutting dyer

Below is the advantages of the vertical cutting dryer.

4R advantages:
1 Recycle- recycle the valuable material and reused.
2 Recovery- recover drilling fluid performance.
3 Reduce- reduce the cost and abandon discharged.
4 Reuse- reuse the valuable product produced by vertical cutting dryer.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer could help you meet environmental objectives by reducing waste volume, maximizing liquid recovery and
reducing your project cost. DC Solids Control can provide all-around mud recycling and treatment equipment.

Using efficiency of mud agitator

Mud agitator produces powerful, sequentially timed pulsed of compressed air to generate large bubbles at the bottom of the mud tank.
The rising air bubbles create immediate vertical circulation of the drilling mud and stirs the entire mud tank from the bottom up.
Accumulator plates are attached to the mud tank bottom and introduce the compress air bubble. The burst of compressed air from
underneath the plate scours the drilling mud tank bottom and efficiently lifts solids and heavier liquids up into the tank. This
“bottom-up” vertical mixing process keeps solids is suspension, ensures uniform mud consistency and level in the tank.


This type of drilling mud agitating process is faster and more energy efficient than top entry mixers or jet mixers. Regardless of
the tank geometry or hull design, the mud agitator can be custom designed to fit any size drilling mud mixer to help improve the
overall efficiency of the drilling site.


Advantages of use mud agitator

Ensure uniform density and reduces sag
Increase Rate of Penetration
Minimize formation damage
Keeps solid materials in suspension
Uses less energy than mechanical mixers
Reduce solids in drilling mud
Helps scour the tank bottom during cleaning

Please contact DC Solid control with your tank dimension and your detail requirement. We will recommend the right model with
specification about the horsepower, impeller (size, type& quality), and shaft length etc to meet your requirement.

Mud cleaner manufactured by DC Solid control

Drilling liquid cleaner is the second equipment of solids control system which consist of desander, desilter and a bottom shale
shaker. It integrates the performance of aforesaid three equipments, featuring large disposal capacity, rapid treatment speed, less
energy consumption, occupying small space, etc.Our mud cleaner can meet almost all needs for oil & gas well drilling fluids treatment
system and HDD Mud Recycling System.

Mud cleaner is comprised of desander hydrocyclone, desliter hydrocyclone, linear motion shale shaker, manifold, pedestal and all
necessary connections.Under normal conditions,the desander assembly is used to remove the solids phase whose diameter is 40-74μm,
the desilter assembly is used to remove the pelitic solids whose diameter is 20-40μm,and the shale shaker is used to recycle the
liquid or barite.

mud cleaner

Besides, all mud cleaner produced by DC Solid control can be provided with 380V / 50Hz or 460V / 60Hz; generate a noise level less than 80 decibels (dB); and are fitted with an adjustable deck capable of inclinations of -2 to +5 degrees. When drilling top-hole sections, where heavy, high volume solids are typically encountered, the high G-Force design will effectively move the solids across the screens. All units come standard with explosion proof motors and enclosures.

Mud cleaner configuration can be customized according to drilling mud capacity requirements. DC Solid control is a professional manufacturer on mud process equipment. Including solids control mud cleaner, centrifugal feeding pump, etc. Contact us you’ll get reasonable price with high quality.


Centrifugal pump manufactured by DC Solid control

Centrifugal pump is also called sand pump which mainly used for transporting drilling fluids. It can be used as oilfield drilling feeding centrifugal pump for drilling mud desander, drilling fluids desilter, or used as mixing pump for jet mud mixer. Also it can be used as trip pump and supercharging pump for drilling rig mud pump.

Each of DC centrifugal pump contains the finest materials engineering and craftsmanship avaliablr in the industry. Describle are like features of these pump lines and unique features.

sand pump

Our sand pump design features developed for slurry. Three major differences from most pump designs include the concentric casing, wider impellers and increased re-circulation areas. Each feature contributes to reducing wear when handling abrasive fluids.

centrifugal pump

Detail features of DC centrifugal pump 

1. Thick, strong concentric casing provides extended life over conventional volute designs. The concentric design minimizes turbulence and abrasive wear.
2. Wide open-vane impeller creates lower axial thrust for improved bearing life.
3. Casing gasket recessed for protection.
4. Optional stuffing boxes available for single and double mechanical seal applications and can be configured for flush lines.
5. Full pipe diameter entrance for minimum turbulence and maximum efficiency.

As China leader drilling fluid centrifugal pump manufacturer, our superior quality sand pump exported to many countries.  Please choose us as your supplier. DC Solids Control operate international oil gas drilling mud separation system sales,service,manufacturing,distribution service. China leading technology,100% Quality Control,Best pirce,Reliable service

Russian Oil Output In March Hits New Post-Soviet High

MOSCOW, April 2 (Reuters) – Russian oil output edged up 0.6 percent in March to a post-Soviet high of 10.71 million barrels per day on increased production at Gazprom and Rosneft, Energy Ministry data showed on Thursday.

The output topped December’s high of 10.67 million barrels per day (bpd), the data showed. The data includes output for crude oil and gas condensate which reached 45.275 million tonnes in March, versus 40.696 million the month before.

Crude oil exports through oil pipeline monopoly Transneft rose by 2 percent to 3.91 million bpd, the ministry said. Oil and natural gas production accounts for half of Russian budget revenue, which has been hit by a 50 percent plunge in oil prices since June and Western sanctions over Moscow’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis.

Oil and gas condensate production at Gazprom, the world’s top natural gas producer, jumped by 14 percent in March from February.

Rosneft, the world’s largest listed oil producer by output, increased its crude oil production by 0.2 percent to 3.81 million barrels per day thanks to higher output from its Vankor oilfield in eastern Siberia.

Gas production was at 55.52 billion cubic metres (bcm) last month, or 1.79 bcm a day, versus 53.86 bcm in February, a decrease of seven percent month-on-month.

State-controlled gas company Gazprom produced 36.11 bcm, or 1.165 bcm per day, in March, down 10.2 percent from February.

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