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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Safety device of vacuum degasser produced by DC Solid control

Vacuum degasser is an safety device for drilling fluid circulating system. It is a kind of basic and important equipment. Vacuum degasser’s common function is that you could use it to remove gas from drilling solids; it is also a kind of security equipment for the whole drilling work.

vacuum degasser

The vacuum degasser is used to remove the small entrained gas bubbles left in the mud by the mud/gas separator. These units are positioned downstream from mud/gas separators, gumbo removal equipments (if utilized), shale shakers, and mud conditioners (if utilized) while hydrocyclone desanders and decanting centrifuges follow in the arrangement.

degassing equipment

Features of Vacuum Degasser

High efficiency of pumping: Westpetro vacuum degassers use water ring vacuum pump to ensure a high efficiency of pumping ability.
High efficiency of separator: Multilayer wrinkle shaped separation umbrella makes big separation area.
Automatically control: Stainless steel floating ball automatically adjusts the vacuum degree.
Big Flow Rate: Discharge by high efficiency jet device.
Easy Maintenance: Wide maintenance door providing an easy maintenance
Certificates: ISO 9001 – 2000 certified.

You are welcome to contact with us to get more detailed infos, we will supply cost-effective vacuum degasser and satisfactory pre-sale, sale and after-sale technical services.


Know More About Some Properties Of Drilling Fluid In HDD

Bentonite based drilling fluids are used in both vertical and horizontal drilling. The desirable drilling fluid properties, however, are different. A drilling fluid property that is desirable in vertical drilling may be detrimental or used differently in HDD.

Viscosity is the measurement of the thickness of a fluid. It is measured with a Marsh Viscosity Funnel and is reported in seconds per quart. Viscosity measurements are important in HDD but are important for different reasons than in vertical drilling.

drilling fluid

Gel strength is the measurement of the suspension properties of a drilling fluid. Gel strength is measured with a rheometer or shearometer and is reported in pounds per 100 square feet. Gel strength is of the utmost importance, especially in coarse-grained soils (sand, gravel and rock).

Filtration control and filter cake, while being marriage partners (you can’t have one without the other) can be seen as two separate properties. In sand, for example, the filter cake quality is of extreme importance. In sand situations, the filter cake is the sealant, grout or stabilizing property of the fluid that maintains the integrity of the borehole.

Fluid density is not a concern as it is in vertical drilling when related to hydrostatic head. In HDD, the density is used to measure the solids content of the fluid or slurry. A formula is used to convert the density of the fluid or slurry to solids content.

Sand content determines the amount of sand that is in the fluid or slurry. This is not to be confused with total solids content.

pH is an indicator of water quality and is used the same as we should be using to test water quality in all drilling practices. Low pH also indicates the possible presence of calcium.

It is important to remember that, although we are using much the same materials in both vertical drilling and HDD, we have different needs as far as fluid properties are concerned. These properties are adjustable. Let’s adjust them to be beneficial rather than detrimental.

2-Phase decanter centrifuge in chemical and mineral processing applications

The 2-Phase Separating Decanter is a centrifuge in which the clarified and separated oil phase is gravity discharged on the decanter’s liquid side while the heavy liquid phase leaves the decanter together with the solids. Which is popularized used in waste water process, oil& gas industry, chemical and mineraltextile industry. Following the detail introduction of decanter used in chemical and mineral processing applications.

This decanter centrifuge has been customized for clear clarification and dewatering in chemical and mineral processing applications. The solid-wall bowl has a cylindrical section for efficient clarification of the liquid and a conical section for drying the solids. Due to the centrifugal forces, the solids are flung onto the inner bowl shell and are transported by the scroll to the solids discharge.


Then the clarified liquid is discharged under pressure by use of a centripetal pump. The housing consists of a frame with supporting feet, protective plates and catchers for the discharged phases.


Features & Benefits:

1. All product-contacting parts are made of high-alloyed duplex steels, super duplex steels. Depending on the application, the gaskets are made of different brands.
2. Chemical cleaning after separation possible.
3. Explosion-protected centrifuges available:

You are welcomed to contact us to know more about the decanter centrifuge. We promise provide you the most professional and advanced technical service.

Shale Shaker for CBM & Geothermal well Mud Recycling System

Shale shakers are components of drilling equipment used in many industries, such as coalbed Methane, mining, shield tunnelling,oil and gas drilling,core drilling, water well drilling, geotechnical drilling,geothermal drilling. They are the first phase of a solids control system/mud circulating system/fluids recovery system/slurry recycling system on a drilling rig, and are used to remove large solids (cuttings) from the drilling fluid (“Mud”).

shale shaker

Features of shale shakers

1)Adopt ANSNY limited element analysis to optimize the structure. With less quick-wear parts, it can help our clients to save the
2)Use SS304 or Q345 high strength alloy material.
3)Our produts have high – Pickling, Galvanizing – assist, Galvanizing, Inactivation, Fine Polish.
4)Vibration motor is from OLI or Martin.
5)Explosion – proof electric control system is from brand Huarong or Helong.

shale shakers

As an original equipment manufacturer, we have the capability and experience to manufacture all kind of shale shakers and solution
for your needs. We work with you to help solve the challenges for your next big project, and you can use us as a one stop shop for
equipment and spares, knowing that everything is being taken care of by an original equipment manufacturer with a dedicated point of

Drilling fluid vacuum degasser of Chiese famous manufacturer

Vacuum Degasser is a high-efficiency in-line module that removes dissolved gasses from drilling fluid. Its unique design assures reliable continuous operation and the highest level of continuous performance available without the need for helium degassing.

Working priciple of vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser is vertical type degasser. It consists of vessel, base, vacuum pump, gear box, internal blade.Basic principle is degasser adopts water circle vacuum pump. Based on vacuum gas or negative pressure the gas buster will remove harmful air rapidly. It is very necessary device in oil and gas drilling, explore well, unbalance drilling. Adaptable for various well drilling fluid purification system.

vacuum degasser

Function of vacuum degasser

Drilling mud vacuum degasser is very important for returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost. Also, at the same time oilfield vacuum degassing machine can be used as a heavy-power agitator and supported applicable to all types of drilling mud purification system.

DC Solid control as the professional vacuum degasser manufacturer in China, our vacuum degasser has won a popular praise in domestic marketing. With the confidence of hi-quality and best after sale service, we believe we can provide more hi-quality guaranteed solid control equipment to all over the word, of course, vacuum degasser is the one among them.

Why mud agitators are widely accepted by users

DC Solid control company supplies oil & gas operators with industrial drilling mud mixer agitators for mud tank mixing. DC Solid control company mixing process quickly allows drillers and operators to ensure homogenous mud consistency for their drilling mud needs.

mud agitators

The main mixing equipment of mixing system is the mud agitator.

How mud agitator works:

The agitator produces powerful, sequentially timed pulsed of compressed air to generate large bubbles at the bottom of the mud holding tank. The rising air bubbles create immediate vertical circulation of the drilling mud and stirs the entire mud tank from the bottom up. Accumulator plates are attached to the mud tank bottom and introduce the compress air bubble. The burst of compressed air from underneath the plate scours the drilling mud tank bottom and efficiently lifts solids and heavier liquids up into the tank. This “bottom-up” vertical mixing process keeps solids is suspension, ensures uniform mud consistency and level in the tank.

Advantages of using mud agitators:

Our Mud agitator with belt transmission is simple structure, smooth transmission, low cost, slipping when overload occurs, play a role in protecting the motor. The reducer is single-stage worm gear , small structure size, light weight, smooth transmission, low noise, high transmission power.

Please contact with DC solid control company with your tank dimension and your detail requirement. We will recommend the right model with specification about the horsepower, impeller (size, type& quality), and shaft length etc to meet your requirement.

Principle and development of HDD

Relative to the use of drilling fluids within the oil& gas industry, the use of drilling fluids within the horizontal directional (“HDD”) industy, is new. As the use of HDD technology did not become mainstream untill the 1980′s, it took another decade before drillers started to consider the use of basic drilling fluids.

Even today, the amount of research and development aimed at HDD drilling fluid is considered a rounding error in the oligopoly of drilling fluids manufactures. However, the trends strongly suggest that the future of HDD drilling will follow a similar evolutionary cycle as experienced by the traditional oil& gas industry. As such, it is only a matter of time before customized and highly engineered drilling fluids make their way into day- to- day HDD operations.


Couple the evolution of drilling fluids with the escalating cost of waste management and disposal, the economic practicality of utilizing drilling fluids, is dependent on the ability to recover and recycle. Though the cost of barite and bentonite continue to be commoditized, additives continue to become more and more expensive. Add the escalating cost of qualified talent, HDD rig operators are left with a critical challenge; making profits, when the cost of business is increasing.

solid control

The key principles behind HDD solids control and drilling fluid management that concludes in several key considerations that must be kept in mind when evaluating and finally selecting a package mud reclamation system. With that said, the following discussion should not be considered exhaustive and will not cover all circumstances.

Ultimately, the supplier of the drilling fluid and the original equipment manufacturer of the solid control and waste management equipment should be consulted with, prior to making any key business decisions.

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