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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Drilling fluid sand pump packaged well and shipped to India

Horizontal sand pump is an important equipment in oil rig mud cycling system, be able to deliver corrodive drilling fluid(with suspended particulates) or other liquid media under similar work condition. DC Solid control shipped 9 sets sand pumps for a India drilling contract company.

sand pump

Vetical sand pump in drilling mud circulation system is usually submersible pump,it usually used to feed drilling mud decanter centrifuge,and sometimes also used to feed mud cleaners,desanders,desiters.

centrifugal pumps

Features of the drilling fluid sand pumps:
1. Open impeller design
2. Grease lubrication
3. SKF premium bearings
4. Tungsten carbide mechanical seal
5. High performance
6. High volume
7. High temperature resistance
8. Long service life
9. Ease to maintenance

Contact DC office please, if you have interest with any feeding pumps.


4 Set mud tank and matched mud agitators shipped to Oman

A mud tank is an open-top container, typically made of steel, to store drilling fluid on a drilling rig. They are also called mud tank mud pits, because they used to be nothing more than pits dug out of the earth.


DC Solid control produced 4 sets mud tanks and matched 4 sets mud agitator for each tank. The surface of tank is equipped with water pipeline for cleaning the surface and equipment on the mud tank, we use soaked zinc processing for the netted steel plate.

mud tank

The ladder is made of the channel steel to take responsibility the body, the foot board is made of the linearity netted steel plate. The two-sided guard rail are installed the safe suspension hook. The mud tank is designed the standard shanty to prevent the sand and the rain. The pipeline is installed in the tank to preserve the warm air heat.

So buy Mud tank from us you will enjoy high quality but Good price.We are professional in manufacturing solids control system,so our mud tanks design are very compatible for mud circulation system using.

Oil Field Diesel Tanks supplied from DC Solid control

Oil Field Tanks are supplied with steel cradles and cages access ladders. Optional products include manholes, bottom fill kits, self closing gates, flame arrestors, emergency vents, pipe work and fitting locations as required and various coatings both internal and external. Sizes can designd according to users request.

diesel tank

A broad range of uses:

Suitable for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Industrial applications.
Strength and Durability you can depend on:
Dished and flanged ends for improved strength (Dished only in small tanks)
Painting to customers specifications ( 2 Pack Epoxy Standard )
Caged ladders and platforms

Oilfield tanks

DC Solid control offers prospective buyers an extensive selection of quality new oilfield equipment, including Oilfield Diesel Fuel Tanks to choose from at competitive prices. For more information give us a call email us.

Universality of mud desander unit

Mud Desander also called Desander. It is composed of hydraulic desander hydrocyclone, shale shaker and cyclone pipe. Mud desander is widely used in HDD, CBM, water well drilling, building construction and ect.


A mud desander is a hydrocyclone device that removes large drill solids from the whole mud system. The desander should be located downstream of the shale shakers and vacuum mud degassers, but before the desilters or mud cleaners

Desander uses centrifugal force to separate. Desander uses centrifugal pump to supply mud, then the mud flow into hydrocyclone along tangent of cyclone, and the mud’s structure was destroyed under the action of centrifugal force. Under the action of gravity, solid particles along the inner wall sink spirally and was discharged from the bottom of cyclone then falls on the following shale shaker, liquid was discharged from the top of the cyclone.

Desander unit that efficiently removes sand and silt-sized particles down to a 70 micron cut. Customized mud desanders are available depending on the volume of the mud being cleaned.

Development of mud cleaners of mud circulation system

Mud cleaner is the second stage equipment of drilling fluid circulation system. Mud cleaner is the combination of desander, desiter cones and and very fine mesh vibrating screens (120-400 mesh) to remove fine drilled solids while returning valuable mud additives and liquids back to the active mud system.


Mud cleaners were developed in the early 1970s to remove fine drilled solids from weighted mud without excessive loss of barite and fluid. They have also proved valuable tools in closed systems and other dry location applications.


Traditional mud cleaners use multiple 4 or 5 cyclones, mounted over a vibrating screen, and are able to effectively process 400-600 GPM. The process capacity is limited by screen capacity and its ability to discard dry solids.

With the introduction of linear motion vibrating screens, the capacity of the mud cleaner screen has been greatly increased. This, in turn, allows the use of additional hydrocyclones and higher, overall process capabilities. Please contact me to get more info about the mud cleaners

Double deck shale shakers shipped to Pakistan

Double deck shale shaker is also popular as the obvious advantages on performance. Recent days, DC Solid control shipped 3 sets double deck shale shakers to Pakistan clients.

double deck shale shaker

The most popular shale shaker model is single deck, as it is easier for operation and maintenance. Double deck shale shaker is also popular as the obvious advantages on performance. Below are some of the advantages of double deck shale shaker.

1) With the same bottom screen areas, the double deck shale shaker can handle more capacity. The double deck shale shaker can utilize big opening screens on the top deck for pre-separation, and then use a normal size or even finer size on the bottom deck.
2) The double deck shale shaker means 2-step separation, it can recovery more drilling fluids and it is more clean. With the same handling capacity, the top deck can remove the bigger size cuttings, and then the bottom screens can use a finer size screens for a better separation result.
3) Although the double deck shale shaker owns more screen quantity per unit, but as on the top deck, operators can use big opening steel screens to remove big cuttings, the big opening steel screens can last for a much long time compared with traditional wire mesh screens.

Please feel free to contact DC solids control for more detail. Or you need price on such items? Call us now for special discount!

What is API RP 13C requirements for shaker screens

Some manufacturers provide screens that are all API rated and tested by third-party agencies to meet API RP 13C requirements. Screens may also be subjected to other
tests including chemical immersion testing in fluids such as diesel, alpha-olefin, calcium chloride, caustic soda and kerosene.

In all cases, one manufacturer’s polyester, powder-coated screens demonstrated environmental exposure resistance when compared to other screens.

shaker screens

The API screen designation is the customary standard for the identification of screen panels in the industry. Before the API RP 13C standard, a huge disparity existed in screen designations, which caused confusion for end users.

shaker screen

Specific to screens, the API designation is the micron opening size and the conductance, which is measured 
by the ease of flow for liquids through the screen. Larger volumes represent a higher volume of handling. Screen manufacturers in compliance with API provide screen labeling that includes the following information:

API designation
Conductance in kilodarcies 
per millimeter
D100 particle size value
Non-blanked open area in square feet

When should use vacuum degasser in oilfield

ZCQ Series Vacuum Degasser is a special-purpose device and a new type one for the treatment of gas in the drilling fluids. It can get rid of various gas of invasive drilling quickly. Vacuum degasser is very important for returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost.

Some drill rig need use vacuum degasser, and some drill rig donesn’t use vacuum degasser. When should know vacuum degasser is suitable ? Our vacuum degasser operates on a “thin strata” principle.

vacuum degasser

The drill mud enters the tank and forces it to flow and distributed to a layer of internal baffle plates engineered to allow the liquid inside the vacuum degasser to flow as thin film and is exposed to the vacuum within the vessel. This layer of mud allows the gas to escape or break out of the mud . The vacuum pump releases the gas and discharge it to the disposal line. Mud exits the vessel under the action of the venturi and is returned to the mud system.

Contact me if you want to learn more about vacuum degasser.

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