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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Mud gas separator from China manufacturer

The mud/gas separator is designed to provide effective separation of the mud and gas circulated from the well by venting the gas and returning the mud to the mud pits. Small amounts of entrained gas can then be handled by a vacuum-type degasser located in the mud pits.

The mud/gas separator controls gas cutting during kick situations, during drilling with significant drilled gas in the mud returns, or when trip gas is circulated up.

mud gas separator5

To be as a professional manufacturer of mud gas separators. DC Solid control have DCZYQ600, DCZYQ800, DCZYQ1000 and DCZYQ1200 models mud gas separator.

The mud/gas separator is typically mounted on a mud tank or trip tank with the bottom of the separator body submerged in the mud. The fluid level (mud leg) in the separator is controlled by adjusting the fluid level in the mud tank or by moving the separator up or down within the tank. Mud-tank height can restrict the maximum mud leg obtainable for open-bottom mud/gas separators.

If you want to know more about mud gas separator/liquid gas separator, please contac DC Solid control office as soon as possibl.

Merry Christmas day to new and old clients of DC Solid control

Christmas Day or Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, celebrated generally on December 25 as a religious and cultural holiday by billions of people around the world.

Now thanks all my clients kind supporting and understanding. We wish the merries of Chiristmas to you and your loved ones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. Hope we will having further cooperation cooperation in 2019.

dc solid control

To be as a China professional manufacture of solid control equipment. DC Solid control supply good quality equipment, such as shale shaker, all kinds of replacement screems, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuges, agitator and mud tanks.


We still working during Christmas day and new year, if you have urgently requirements, please feel free to contact us. Here you will getting most professional technical support and cost-effective equipment.

Advantages of Composite shaker screen from DC

Composite screen mainly consists of composite frame and 2 or 3 layers stainless steel wire cloths. The wire cloth layers are heated and melt onto the frame, creating a proper wire cloth tension surface.

Composite replacement screens deliver even longer screen life, greater ease of repair, higher capacity, and greater cost effectiveness compared with metal-framed and other conventional products.


Composite screen technology effectively eliminates the inherent performance-limiting problems of conventional metal frames, including rusting, delamination and a heavier and reduced processing area.

The composite frame design encompasses the “window pane” effect that includes an increased number of smaller panels, evenly distributing mechanical stresses and limiting mesh damage to small localized areas.

If you want high quality and lower price composite shaker screens, please contact DC Office.

How to order screen replacement at DC ?

DC shaker screens are high quality and right fit replacement. Compared with others brand DC screen is the real competitive and cost-efficient solution to all users.

Our shaker screens, no matter framed or hook strap one, almost will last over 15 days even over 22 days. No matter the flat pattern or pyramid pattern.


Please contact us if you are interested in sample test. As per your condition and demand, we will provide you free sample with a certain quantity.
Please tell us what model screen replacement do you need.

shaker screen


And how many panels, what mesh size or API size you need. If you are not sure of shaker screen or shaker model please tell us the screen dimension. It can’t be better to have drawings or picture from you when you don’t have exact model number or a dimension.

Almost replacement screen fits present shaker all over the world can be made by DC. Please feel free to contact us if you do have demand or any interest.

Manufacturing the mud cleaner for Kazakhstan clients

Mud cleaner is the second stage solid control equipment of drilling mud circulation system. Now in DC factory, there are 6 sets DCQJ250x1/100×8 mud cleaners under the production for Kazakhstan drilling clients.

mud cleaner

Mud cleaners are used to remove drill cuttings from drilling fluid, known as mud. The mud is a non-Newtonian fluid of variable viscosity that serves several purposes in drilling operations. Mud is used to drive the down-hole motor, cool the drilling bit, carry the drill cutting to the surface for disposal, and maintain hydrostatic balance in the well.

mud cleaners

The mud cleaner is designed to remove the drill cuttings while allowing the weighted fillers of the mud, commonly barite, to stay suspended in the mud. The cuttings, consisting of solids greater than 74 to 105 micrometers, are filtered out in the staged process of the mud cleaner.

Different area may require different standard like IECEX, ATEX, UL, DGMS, etc. Before order any equipment, please confirm electrical standard. Customized design: Cone size and qty can be customized design to reach different mud flow and performance.


500GPM Solid control system for waterwell drilling project

China top supplier DC Solid control can provide a wide variety of linear and balanced elliptical motion shakers, mud cleaners, desanders, desilters, and centrifuges, each of which can be tailored to your requirements, from recycling to dewatering drilling fluids.

Now, our company are manufacturing a set of 500GPM solid control system for Egypt waterwell drilling project. DC Solids Control 500gpm mud system is functioning well there with Clients’ trailer. The client design along with fabricate the trailer in your area, meanwhile, we design the proper size mud system and also mount it on the trailer home.

mud cleaner

The mud system is by using two main equipment, shale shaker & mud cleaner . Each equipment is with dealing with capacity 500gpm.
Shale shaker DCS700-3 is with 3 panel shaker screen to remove the top solids up to 100microns.
Mud cleaner DCQJ200X1/100X8 with 1 set deck shaker as well as 8 each desilter cones to remove the solids approximately 30-50microns.

shale shaker

DC Solid control specialists also provide, for sale or rent, unitized recycling systems capable of cleaning drilling fluids at a rate of 150GPM to 1,000GPM (568l/min to 3,785l/min). In addition, we manufacture shaker screens that are compatible with every brand of solids-control equipment in the industry.

Solid control system combination and used in drilling rigs

Solids control is a technique used in the drilling rigs to separate the solids crushed by the drill bits that are brought to the well surface. When proper Solids Control system techniques are used, they can reduce the drilling fluid clean up, maintenance cost, and the disposal cost. The Solids Control system is divided into five stages:

Shale shaker.
Mud tank.
Vacuum degasser.


The desander separates sand and silt from drilling fluids, the shale shaker separates big solids and the desilter is used to segregate solids. The desilter and desander can be combined to form one high efficiency mud cleaner.

Vacuum degasser is used to separate air when air enters the drilling fluids. When the fluids are air free, the degasser can be used as a big agitator. All these stages are carried out on the top of the mud tank. After solids are separated, the clean mud is again pumped into the wellbore.

Detailed specification of drilling mud agitator of DC Solid control

Drilling mud agitator, Supply drilling mud tank agitators for solids control system, DC drilling fluids agitator for mud system reliable quality,competitive price.



Low profile design to allow for positioning mud conditioning equipment over mud tanks. (Maximum overall height above tanks is 16 inches.)
Lightweight, but sturdy construction with the highest torque rating in the industry.
Available in 10, 15 & 20 hp models.
Oversized shaft bearings are used for longer gearbox life and lower maintenance requirements.
Cast iron housings are one-piece, reinforced and ribbed for extra strength.
Detachable impeller shaft for ease of servicing without disassembling unit.
Simple mounting.  Mud Agitator base rests on tanks structural cross beams held by six bolts.

If you are currently looking for good performance mud agitator and solids control equipment supplier, DC Solids Control is your best choice.

Besides mud agitator, we also have advantage of shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, jet mud mixer, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, flare ignition device, vertical cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, shear pump, screw pump etc. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mud cleaners used for solid control system

DCQJ mud cleaner is consisted of shale shaker,desander and desilter for oil&gas well drilling fluids treatment system. More importantly,mud cleaner works more effectively,especially in cleaning functions compared with separated desander and desilter.Sometimes,it can be used as a shale shaker.

The mud cleaner is designed to remove the drill cuttings while allowing the weighted fillers of the mud, commonly barite, to stay suspended in the mud. The cuttings, consisting of solids greater than 74 to 105 micrometers, are filtered out in the staged process of the mud cleaner.

Mud cleaner

The first-pass solids control devices of the mud cleaner are the hydrocyclones which are mounted over the vibrating screen of the shale shaker. Several hydrocyclones are used to increase the flow rate of the mud. There is also a combination of varying sized hydrocyclones. Smaller cones, typically 4″ in diameter known as desilters, remove finer silt sized solids, while the larger cones typically 10″ in diameter known as desanders removed the coarser sand sized particles.

Mud cleaners

According to the customers’requirements, our company can design the mud cleaner which can meet almost all needs. Our factory and company are Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 certified. DC Solids Control operate waste mud management international sales,service,manufacturing,distribution serivce.Buy dilling mud cleaners from China manufacturer,good quality,best price.your best choice of dilling mud cleaner


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