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Monthly Archives: March 2019

DC Solid control offered the high performance mud agitators

Mud agitators are high-efficiency mud mixing units offered in a wide array of custom sizes and configuration to accommodate virtually any mud tank.

Both horizontal and vertical drive configurations are available for all sizes of mud agitators. The horizontal drive is designed for installations having limited space above the mud tank. The vertical drive agitator employs an all helical gearing system, and the horizontal drive utilizes a helical bevel system to drive the agitator shaft, which may have one or two straight or canted mixing impellers.

mud agitator

The mud agitator stirs a mud slurry to maintain suspension of solids. The agitator is mounted on top of the mud tank and has one or two impellers immersed in the mud slurry. The impeller shaft directly coupled to an electric drive motor that is available in several horsepower ratings from 50He to 60Hz.

Each mud agitator is designed for the specific application, taking into account parameters such as tank size, tank depth, and mud charateristics. DC Solid control offers mud agitator in both vertical and horizontal drive motor configurations. Our high performance equipment is appreciated among clients all over India. If there is a large quantity of mud present in the site then large torque mud agitator will be required.


Suitable price of China manufacturer’s Mud agitator

Mud Agitators mix and agitate the drilling mud that is used to prevent solid particles from depositing in the circular tank. This is also used to stabilize the work of drilling fluid. The Impeller shaft present in the mechanical Agitator transforms mechanical power into fluid circulation.


The Mud Agitator can be obtained from the Mud Agitator Manufacturer in India and are generally available in horsepower such as 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 25HP and 30HP.

DC Solid control mud agitator features a “C” face motor couple to a rugged oilfield gearbox, which eliminates misalignment and troublesome couplings. This configuration promotes long motor and gearbox bearing life

mud agitator

Please contact us today to learn more about our mud agitators. For quote request please provide the following information, Tank Dimensions, Mud Weight Range Horsepower, Impeller Size and Shaft Length.

Oilfield mud cleaners delivery to Indonesia Oil gas company

Mud cleaners is the second phase equipment of drilling fluid circulation system. Mud cleaner is divided into many models according to actual used. But the most popular Mud cleaner is the linear motion with different Qty desander and desilter cones. DC Solid control manufactured 3 sets Mud cleaners for Indonesia oil and gas company.


The model of the linear motion is DCQJ200x2/100×6 Mud cleaner:
Motor Power: 2×1.5 Martin brand
Treating Capacity: Linear motion 200m3/h
Screen Specification: 630x1250mm Composite screen
Cycone Spec: Desander 200×2/ desilter 100×6
Weight: 2180kg
Dimension: 2530 × 1750 × 2210 mm

mud cleaners

DCQJ linear motion Mud cleaners absorbed advanced tech at home and abroad ,and integrated DC own design. DC complete series mud cleaners can meet customers’ variable demand. Clients feedback proved the advantages of this kind of mud cleaners: high G-force, wide screen area, compressed structure, cost-effective, etc.

If you have interest or any requirements with mud cleaners, I think contact DC Solid control is your best choice.

Replacement Composite Shaker Screen For MI-Swaco Mongoose shipment

Replacement Composite Shaker Screen for MI-Swaco Mongoose & Meerkat with two or three 316 stainless steel wire shaker screen shipped abroad and now loading it in our factory.

shaker screen
Shale shaker screen is fine mesh (single, dual or triple layered) used for filtering and separating drilling cuttings from mud (drilling fluid). It is of great importance to drilling efficiency.

Primary Competitive Advantages:
Wire Material:316SUS
Frame Material:Composite
Prompt Delivery:we are manufacturer with the best delivery time.
201706221143291201818If you want to learn more information about shaker screens, please contact our sales manager (Adela,,15027525113,)

The order of DCS630-S Shale shaker from Japan

Today DC solid control got a PO of DCS630-3 shale shaker from Japan company. This is our first time to cooperate with Japan company, the company only focus on water well drilling and want to find a 120m3/h shale shaker work in this water well drilling site.


We got the order after three days’ negotiation, including the delivery time, payment items. manufacturing process and after sell service. The Japan company was very satisfied with our company professional technical guidance and active attitude.

shale shaker

The parameter of the DCS630-3 shale shaker:
Motor Power: 2×1.5Kw Martin motoer
Treating capacity: 120m3/h
Screen specification: 630x1250mm 3 pannel (60mesh )
Electric Specs: 380V/50HZ

To be as a company of good standing, DC Solid control aslo supply desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge to about 37 countries, such as USA, Russian, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Egypt and ect. If you have interest or have requirement of any solid control equipment please contact DC office right now.

DCZX-60 mud recycling system for tunnel boring construction

DCZX-60 mud recycling system for tunnel boring construction machinery is widely used in the purification and recycling of slurry for the construction of hydropower, continuous concrete wall, slurry shield tunnel, etc. the equipment is increasingly becoming a necessity of civilized construction since it not only can cut down construcion cost, but also can reduce the pollution of the environment.

Mud system

The DCZX 60 mud recycling system is consist of a 2×8′ Desander hydrocyclone , a centrifugal pump feed for the desander cones, a double deck shaker and a small tank. Which is a complete mud recycling system and widely used for tunnel boring.

DC Solid control can supply:
1.We can design and manufacture the product and send the technical personnel to guide the installation of equipment at customer’s workplace according to the requirements of our customers
2.If there is anything wrong with the products you can contact us in any time ,we’ll send the customer’s feedback to technology department and return the results to customers as soon as possible.

Please contact DC Solid control office to get more information about the mud recycling sysyem, we can design and manufacturer it according to your actual working site requirements.

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