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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Functional of DC Solid control desanders and desilters

Desanders and desilters are solids control equipment that is installed on top of a mud tank. Each piece of equipment consists of a set of hydrocyclones that separate sand and silt from drilling fluid while they differ by the size of the hydrocyclones used.

Desanders utilize several 8″, 10″, or 12″ hydrocyclones. Utilizing hydrocyclones with larger internal diameters increases the flow rate as well as the size of the solids removed. Increasing the number of hydrocyclones in the package also increases the flow rate of drilling mud through the desander. Typically a 10 inch cone (hydrocyclone) is capable of removing 50% of solids with in the 40 to 50 micrometer range at a flow rate of 500 gallons per minute.

desander desilterFunctional of desander and desilters:

The equipment shall be suitable for operation with the minimum & maximum ambient temperature of -60C to 550C.
The equipment shall be suitable for Drilling fluid “Mud” having specific gravity of 0.9 to 2.6 and and API funnel viscosity 35 – 100 seconds/quart.
Drilling Fluid (Mud) operating temperature shall be up to 900C.
The equipment shall be designed to remove sand/bigger particles up to 74 microns from the drilling fluid (Mud).
Feed Line shall be so designed so as to provide adequate pressure (30 – 40 psi) to each cone.

DC Solid control can design and manufacture all kinds capacity mud desander and desilters. Please contact us if you have any requirements or something don’t understand.

Batch Of Mud agitator motors shipped to India

Drilling mud agitator is a device mounted on mud tank for agitating the drilling mud to prevent the drilled cuttings and fine solids from sedimentation. Nearly every large compartment of mud mixing and storage tank should be equipped with mud agitators to maintain the proper properties of drilling mud that will pump back to the borehole.


The oilfield mud tank agitator is configured with an explosion-proof motor, reduction gearbox, impeller, and shaft with assembly bushings. And the important part of the mud agitator is the motor. Last week, we delivery a batch of Mud agitator explosion-proof motor to India clients which are all ATEX certificated according to users’ request.

The Mud Agitator can be obtained from the Mud Agitator Manufacturer in DC solid control are generally available in horsepower such as 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 25HP and 30HP.


Our mud Agitators Features
Helical-bevel gearbox
5-30 HP available
Sized to process 20 ppg drilling fluid
By unitizing the motor and gearbox, weight and space requirements are reduced.
Customized configuration is available

DC Solid control offer best range of Mud Agitator which works continuously at the drilling site by delivering optimum results. Our Principles has made us to supply our highly technological equipment to the power plants which are present in abroad.


Drilling Mud mixing system from China top manufacturer

DC Solid control is the leading manufacturer of effective fluid recycling systems. DC Solid control can designed for drilling contractors with Mini, Midi, and Maxi-Class rigs operating in the trenchless, mining, water-well, geothermal, foundation drilling, and microtunneling industries.

Our mud system is a self-contained unit that can mix and recycle drilling mud as well as handle spoils, for exceptionally cost-effective production. And it’s the only mud recycler you can transport full of fluid—one of its many cost-efficient features that no competing models can claim.

mud recycling system

Main features of mud mixing systems are:

Smallest footprint offering highly efficient logistics
Dual tank option
Can be build in a trailer
Easy operation and maintenance
Agitation by means of Venturi, in-tank Nozzle system and submersible agitators (some models)
Quickest rig-up and rig-down times
Standard equipped with waterfilter
Thick steel piping
CE certification of conformity is included, as well as a maintenance manual. Units can be coated in your company colour.

mud system

DC Solid control also can design and manufacture all kinds capacity mud mixing system according to users request. Please contact us if you have interest with us.

Complete solid control system from China top Manufacturer

There’s no doubt that drilling fluids (or mud) play a crucial role in drilling activity and efficiencies today – cooling and lubricating drill bits, carrying drill cuttings to the surface, controlling pressure at the bottom of the well, and ensuring that the formation retains the properties defined for that well.

Oil Drilling Mud System is the a multi-tank mud system, it is also called solids control system, or mud circulation system for the oil gas drilling rigs. DC oil drilling mud system is available for different oil drilling rig sizes from 250HP to 3000 HP with different capacity.

solid control system

The solids control configuration reduces the need for chemical additions to fluids and minimizes rates of dilution typically used when solids removal efficiency has not been optimized.

Oil drilling mud system including following solids control equipment:

1) Shale Shaker for primary solids control 100 microns.
2) Desander for second phase solids control of cuttings 40 microns.
3) Desilter for third phase solids control of cuttings 20 microns.
4) Decanter Centrifuge for the 2-7 microns fine solids separation.

As the leading manufacturer for oil gas drilling mud system, DC Solids Control products is certified by ISO, Europe CE, and Russia TP and TC. The explosion proof standard can be IEC Ex, or ATEX certified for developed countries for Zone 1 and Zone II application. If you have any request please contact us freely.

High Quality Shaker Screens Manufacturers From China Supplier

Shaker Screen is used in Shale Shakers as part of solid control system in drilling operations of various industries, such as oil and gas drilling, mining, coal cleaning, etc. They primarily serve the purpose of separating drilling cuttings from the drilling fluids.

shaker screens

A shaker screen is the key component in shale shaker equipment. They function as a sieve to block the solid drilling waste and let the precious drilling fluid to be carried to a separate channel for further treatment.

What makes a shaker screen pre-mature fialures?
1. Overloading,
2. No load,
3. Blinding & plugging,
4. Wrong screen choice,
5. Corrosion,
6. Mechanical damage (Careless storage and handling, Hooking mesh cloth when removing cartridge shaker screens, Over tensioning hookstrip screens, Scraping screen surface to remove solids, Scoring pressure washer nozzles across the mesh surface)
7. Poor solids transport/Abrasive solids (Screen design, Screen repairs, Blinding, Fluid properties).


DC Solid control is a leading provider of products and services to the oil and gas industry. Our expansion into the drilling stems from our success in the drilling fluids industry. Our objective is to provide clients with integrated offerings to make operations easier, more efficient.

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