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Category Archives: Drilling fluid centrifuge

Oil sludge treatment system delivery to Xin Jiang, China

Processing crude oil results in wastewater containing oil. In order for this wastewater to be processed, it must be separated into its main constituents of oil, water and solid. In doing so, it is important to recover as much oil as possible, and dispose of the other components inexpensively. The DC Machinery company is specifically configured for this continuous separation of the 3 phases, and separates the components in one procedure.

Today, DC Machinery shipped a set of Oil sludge treatment system to Domestic client. The oil sludge treatment is a standard model used for separatr the oil sludge and widely used in China and overseas.

oil sludge treatment

The advantages of the oil sludge treatment system:

Reusing the recovered oil as a valuable product
Up to 90% reduced costs for transport and landfill for the separated solids
Significant reduction in disposal costs – only about 10% of the original quantity of slurry must be dumped
Low personnel costs because of continuous and automatic operation
Low energy requirement

Typical oil sludge is coming from:

Crude Oil storage tank cleaning sludge
Refinery plant waste oil sludge
Drilling waste oil sludge

oil sludge system

Various oil smudges come from different areas; the sludge condition may different from each other. For a suitable solution on recovering the valuable liquid from the sludge, following questions are needed to be clear for DC to provide the best proposal for your oil sludge treatment Plant.


Necessarity of mud zero discharge equipment

Oil base drilling fluid is composed of oil, water, organic clay and oil solubility chemical agent. Oil base drilling fluid have the property of high temperature resistance and calcium salt erosion resistance which is in favour of stable borehole, good lubrication, and small damage for oil and gas, and widely used in all kinds of drilling rigs. But the base oil-diesel in oil base drilling fluid can produce the aromatic hydrocarbon with toxins, the greater of aromatics contained, the greater of the toxicity.

Because of more and more strictly requirements to the environment, especially toxicity of emissions limit is more strictly in offshore, the commonly used diesel oil mud system can’t meet the requirements of the toxicity index suggested by the department of environmental protection.

vertical cutting dryer

The common solid control equipment can efficiency recycle the heavy barite and useful drilling fluid, if the waste drilling fluid contain heavy metal and compound solid phase is indiscriminate discharged, and long-term precipitation will have big damage to nearby vegetation, soil, underground water and human living environment.

In order to meet the requirements of drilling site and combine perennial drilling experience, DC Solid control researched the mud zero discharge equipment, oil and water base mud treatment system included.

The DCTLL-A915 vertical cutting dryer is the key part of the drilling cutting treatment system, is the latest product produced by DC solid control. DCTLL-A915 vertical cuttings dryer has proven to reduce this liquid to below 5% (OOC) by weight by site test.


Design features of LW decanter centrifuge

LW series decanter centrifuge is a horizontal centrifuge with continuous feeding and continuous discharging. The settling speed is determined by particle size, particle shape, difference in density between solids and liquids as well as their viscosity.

Design Feature

Main parts such as the bowl and conveyor are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or duplex steel, offering high maximum bowl speed and high centrifugal force.


Dual motor drive makes bowl speed and conveyor speed adjustable.Screw conveyor flights tiled or lined with ceramic, tungsten carbide, or other hard alloys.

Optional planetary gearbox and hydraulic gearbox, offering wide range of differential speed adjustment . Multiple safety protection: bowl speed and differential speed detection, over-vibration protection, motor overload and overheat protection, bearing temperature monitoring, conveyor torque protection and gas-tight explosion-proof protection.

decanter centrifuge

The main features of the decanter centrifuge are:

User friendly advanced control technologys
Sealed and pressure-tight construction
Two and three phase versions
Compliant with environmental noise regulations
Low operating costs, low maintenance costs
Low cake moisture – high solids removal – high centrate clarity
Compact – small ‘footprint’
Materials of construction to suit the rigours of the application
State of the art abrasion resistant materials

You are welcome to contact Tangshan Dachuan Machinery to get more detailed infos, we will supply our best service for you.

DCGLW355-1257N centrifuge

Here we made a comparision of DCGLW355-1257N centrifuge.

Model Brandt HS-3400FEVSD DCGLW355-1257N
Length 3150mm 2900mm
Width 1753mm 1850mm
Height 1499mm 1400mm
Weight 3453kg 2950kg
Bowl diameter 356mm 355mm
Bowl length 1257mm 1257mm
Maximum bowl speed 4000rpm 3900rpm
Max processing capacity 200gal/min 154gal/min
Drive type Variable frequency drive(VFD) Variable frequency drive(VFD)
Max G-force 3180 3000
Gear box ratio 52:1 35:1
Gear box type Two stage, planetary Two stage, planetary
Main drive motor 30KW 37KW
Back drive motor 19KW 7.5KW

From the comparison,  DCGLW355-1257N centrifuge. However, DCGLW355-1257N centrifuge has more competitive price.

Drilling fluid centrifuge China manufacture

At present in home and abroad drilling fluid centrifuge equipments, the main parts adopt stainless steel, especially drum and spiral part all use stainless steel, only a few foreign manufacturers can according to different processing object and the requirements of the medium, adopt the suitable material. For example, for municipal sewage treatment and non-corrosive occasions, using high strength carbon steel corrosion, avoided excess design, reduce the cost of manufacture greatly.

The so-called high-class dry (effect) type machine is a commonly used term abroad, the domestic is habit called enrichment dehydration integration machine. Can dehydrate directly to sludge without the concentrated.

At present, only a part of the domestic manufacturers have the technology, the technology mainly come from technical cooperation and introduction with foreign companies, only few manufacturers produce innovation technology through improve foreign technology.

Some domestic companies have absorbed Alfa Laval company BD damper technology, or other companies press type screw design, namely set up a special board, called BD damper on the drilling fluid centrifuge spiral discharge end, or increase the cone section spiral design, can make drilling fluid centrifuge in super deep pond, operate when the pool level over solid emission surface, and reduce sludge volume, to increase the pressure of mud cake, and only transport the lower sediment, and upper high moisture content of sludge entrapment in the press cone section lateral, realize press dehydration.

Our country decanting centrifuge industry started relatively late, but some manufacturers have already reached the international advanced level in technology and performance. In some special technology has even more than some foreign brand of drilling fluid centrifuge.

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