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Available in various mud tank for sale from DC Mud equipment

DC Mud equipment company specializes in offering quality Industrial Mud Tank, which meets the variegated requirements of our clientele. These are appreciated for the features like high performance, efficiency, minimum maintenance, robust construction and cost effectiveness.
Available in various sizes and dimensions, these are customized according to the client’s specific requirements.


Features of DC designed Mud tanks
1. Unibody design reduces manufacturing time and weight.
2. High tensile steel runners to improve life of skid
3. Exterior mounted stairs
4. Flip up level gage measuring zero to 32m^3. Optional digital level gauge as part of our site stability monitor package.
5. Fold up aluminum hand rails
6. Fibergrate top deck with optional anti-static guard.
7. Built in mini-degausser
8. Remote mount valve handles accessible from onto of the deck.

mud tank

DC Mud equipment Company is a leading manufacturer in the field of Engineering 20ft, 30ft, 40ft UN Portable ISO tank containers, HCL ISO tank container, storage tanks, transportation tanks, Tote tanks, Offshore tank containers, Offshore mixing tanks.

Semi-finished Mud tank and desilter in DC Workshop

DC Solid control almost the production of the two mud tanks, mud hopper and desander equipment. The specification design equipment manufactured an American drilling company who are our new clients in OTC exhibition.

The requirements of the mud tank:

A Mud Tank is a container made from steel plate and steel tube with an open top for storing drilling fluids on a drilling rig. The small mud tank dimension, material and paint color all have specification request.

mud tank

The requirements of the mud desilter:

The desilter should has should be input pipeline, output line, bottom shaker, base frame, etc. Also there maybe without bottom shaker according to user’s demand. The technique specs should be from user’s requirement on treating capacity, actual operation environment, etc. Usually the desilter cone diameter is 4″. Presently, DC desilter mainly use PU material cones, and clamp type one. Furthermore, there can be desilter cone with bottom shale shaker or not.


Except oilfield desilter and tanks, DC Solid control can also supply oilfield drilling shale shaker,oilfield drilling decanter centrifuge, oilfield drilling mud desander, oilfield drilling mud cleaner, shaker screens and the complete set of various solids control systems.


Customized mud tanks manufacturing for American users

This month, DC Solid control got an order of 10 sets mud tanks for American users who are mainly design and manufacturer mud system for American, Australian and more European countries.

The mud tanks totaly accord to the users requriements and draws. The drilling mud tank is normally configured with mud suction line, clean water line and mud gun line, and mixing tank with mud hopper mixing line. Heating line can be added for freezing cold working environment.

storage tank

Each mud tank is provided with clean out gates with butterfly valve. Walkways and tank top covered with serrated galvanized bar grating or checkered plate. Fixed ladder to be provide for accessing the top of the mud tank.

Surface preparation: Sand blasting / shot blasting; prime coat specification / dry film thickness: 50 µm; intermediate coat / dry film thickness: 80µm; finish coat / dry film thickness: 50µm. Final colors is customizable.

DC Solid control designs and manufactures the complete mud tank separation systems for all types of drilling applications. Welcome to your any inquires.


Production stage of Mud tanks in DC Workshop

According to 60 days working overtime of DC Solid control. The mud tanks already finished the welding process and to sand blasting.

mud tanks

The mud tank detail requirements from the end user:

1. Mount 4 ” gun line inside the pit, photo attached in the email. Tank structure has to have the following tichnesses : 6 mm walls, 6 mm ribbed on roof, 8 mm bottom plate. Inclinated bottom toward the suction point. Equipped with gun line inside of 4″.
2. Covers on roof for checks with access lathers inside and outside. Handrails protection all around the pit. Acces stair on exterior have to be removable in case of need.
3. Suction flange conection has to be DN 200 PN 10. Discharge flange has to be DN DN 150 PN 10 mounted on the roof. Vent elbow, flange mounted DN 150 PN 10. Reducer shaft D55 SS AISI 304, iniside the tank shaft D 80, D 600 and diameter with pallets D 1016, material SS AISI 304.

mud tank

Painting request:

Execution:Tolerances for welding joints according to EN ISO 13920-AE, and for machined surfaces ISO 2768-MK. Hydrostatic test for at least 24 hours. Corosion protection consisting in sandblasting SA 2.5, interior paint with Epoguard V64020 – 500 microns, exterior paint with Epozinc 85 – 75 microns, Epocoat V164 – 125 microns, email plyurethane coat and primuran E1529 – 75 microns. Half grenn RAL 6024 and half white Ral 9010.

Next working of the mud tanks, please follow up my blog.

Buy diesel tank please contact DC Solid control

Welcome to DC Solid control’s mud tanks web page. Our company has been in the oil & gas drilling equipment industry for over 10 years, supplying new oilfield tanks and drilling mud tanks to customers in practically every producing region in the world. We are here to serve all your drilling equipment needs.

diesel tank

Oil Field Tanks are supplied with steel cradles and cages access ladders. Optional products include manholes, bottom fill kits, self closing gates, flame arrestors, emergency vents, pipe work and fitting locations as required and various coatings both internal and external. Sizes range from 1000L to 150, 000L

Diesel fuel tank is the specialized tank for diesel and generator, which mainly consists of storage of tank, self priming centrifugal oil pump, filter, flowmeter, explosion-proof liquid-level switch, liquid level meter, elevated oil tank & manifold, stainless steel valve.

diesel tanks

Diesel Tanks are supplied as standard with:

Lifting lugs and ID plates
Fill, Dip, Vent, Discharge socket, Drain point and Dipstick
Galvanized ladders and platforms fitted to Type 10 and above
Type 20 and above fitted with cradles (150mm) high Type 15 and below fitted with four legs.

So if you want to buy all kinds of mud tanks, please contact DC Solid control. DC Solid control’s highly skilled production team is ready to meet the needs of your business.

DC Mud tank for oilfield finished the assembly

Mud tank is a part of solid control system in oilfield. At the end of 2016, DC designed the mud tank for China drilling site have already finished the assembly.

Mud tanks and systems are a very personal thing to every driller. That’s why we strive to get the right components and equipment before we start building. Whether we build to your detail drawings or ours, our goal is to deliver a system that the man in the field can be proud of and can easily operate.

mud tank supplier

DC Solids Control manufacture varies of mud tank/water tank,oil sludge tanks, Oilfield three runner design Skid mounted tank,with galvanized grating,safe handrail,coated with Marine corrosion-resistant zinc rich epoxy coating and paining,two layers for inside tank,three layers for outside tank.

mud tank

DC constantly try to improve on the little things that can make drilling more productive. From blank-black tanks to complete turn-key systems, let our team of engineers help you design the mud system you want and need. Send us your drawings, sketch, or photos and we can begin today.

Customized DC diesel tank shipped to Poland

DC Company finished the production of diesel tank for Poland clients and prepared to delivery to XinGang Port.

Oil tank is the major corollary equipment in oilfield drilling rig, it is mainly used to store and provide fuel to generator set. The oil tank designed and produced by our company is easy and convenient to use and maintain.

oil tank

This time we manufactured the oil tank strictly accord to users request, including wall thickness, paint standard and American steel. We test many times after finish the production, to avoid any nonconformity points.

DC Oil tanks have been exported to over 60 countries and area with their good quality solid control equipment/ waste management equipment, countries like America, Brazil, Chile, Venezuala, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia etc.

A special Mud tanks order of DC Solid control from Middle East

Mud tanks are an important storage container for solid control system. DC Solids Control manufacture varies of mud tank/ water tank, oil sludge tanks, Oilfield three runner design Skid mounted tank,with galvanized grating,safe handrail,coated with Marine corrosion-resistant zinc rich  epoxy coating and paining,two layers for inside tank,three layers for outside tank.

Happily, DC Solid control got a new order from Dubai big drilling service company. After a professional conference with the company engineers. They decided to place 3 sets mud tanks to test, then will having 28 sets heavy and light tanks for manufacturing.

drilling fluid tank

Special requirements of the mud tanks according to the clients:

1. The mud tank surface and the passage are made of the slipping resistant steel plate and linearity netted steel plate which is produced by the professional factory.
2. The mud tanks are made of the side steel pipe, all of the structure can be folded without barrier and pegged reliably.
3. The surface of tank is equipped with water pipeline for cleaning the surface and equipment on the mud tank.
4. Equipped 6 sets mud gund located on the quadrangle of the tank to prevent mud sediment.
5. Coating required importing Jordan or Sigma.

Mud tansk

To be as a leader of Chinese solid control system manufacturer. DC Solid control company has the most professional technical guidence, mature manufacturing process, and complete quantity inspection department. We will strictly made it according to the special requirements. Welcome domestic and abroad users inquires.

Functions of mud tanks in drilling fluid solid control system

Mud tank is petroleum drilling fluid solid control system, mud tank circulating system according bottom tank sharp divided into rectangle tank and cone tank. Tank use plate cone structure or corrugated board structure.

Tank surface and corridor use antiskid strip screen slab, tank screen railing use square steel pipe manufacturing.

Mud tank circulating system tank surface outfit pure water pipeline to clean tank surface equipment, tank surface halftone treated by zinc immersion. The upper tank ladder use U-steel as the main part, the anti-skidding strip type halftone as the pedal, the two sides guardrail set the insurance hook.

mud tanks

Petroleum drilling mud tank set the stander sand prevention, rainproof shelter, the inner tank set heat insulation pipeline.

As the mud carrier, mud tank is a obbligato part in mud circulating system, it can complete mud aggravating, mixing, solid liquid separation, degassing and other process; mud tank transport the circulating mud from well mouth to mud pump, according to the related solid control equipment, the solid phase particles is separated step by step, and according mix to aggravate, make it can meet the requirements of drilling technology.

The degassing device on the mud tank can eliminate the harmful gas in mud, to guarantee working field environment requirements and mud proportion. Mud tank uses electric centralized control, in polar region low temperature district, the tank set heating supply system.

DC Machinery mud tank for sale

A mud tank is a large storage container used to hold reserves of drilling fluid, also known as drilling mud, for a drill rig. Typically made of square steel tube and steel plate, to store drilling fluid on a drilling rig. They are also called mud pits, because they used to be nothing more than pits dug out of the earth.

mud tank

The body of the mud tank is made by welding the steel plate and section, using the smooth cone-shape structure or the corrugated structure. The mud tank surface and passages are made of slip resistant steel plate and expanded steel plate. The mud tanks are made of the side steel pipe, all of the structure can be folded without barrier and pegged reliably. The surface of the tank is equipped with a water pipeline for cleaning the surface and equipment on the tank, it uses soaked zinc processing for the expanded steel plate. The ladder is made of channel steel to take responsibility the body, the foot board is made of expanded steel plate.


The number of the mud tanks that are needed on the drilling rig depends on the depth of the well, and also the mud demands of drilling. Nomally the shale shaker and vacuum degasser and desander are mounted together on the same mud tank as the first tank at the oilfield, while desilter and centrifuge on the second tank. Also the drilling rig has other different tank as reserve tank,emergency tank, etc.

DC Machinery offers prospective buyers and extensive selection of quality new oil & gas drilling equipment, including mud tanks to choose from at competitive prices. Browse our inventory of drilling mud tanks and oilfield tanks for sale at competitive rates.

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