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Choose DC Solid control Jet Mud Mixer

Jet mud mixer is an important auxiliaries part and special equipment to prepare and increase the drilling fluids weight by adding and mixing bentonite, change the fluid density, change the mud density, viscosity, and dehydration.

jet mud mixer

DCSLH series compact structure jet mud mixer connected by manifold valve, jet mud mixer is composed of sand pump, jet hopper and mixer. Four models of jet mud mixers are available as below. DC Solid control can provide jet mud mixer as per customer requirements.

Jet mud mixer can be mounted on one base including the pump and hopper. We also can set hopper on tank top but the pump on one separated base on the ground then the pump and hopper will be connected with one hose or an steel pipe with elbows.

mud mixer supplier

Jet mud mixer can be used in onshore and offshore oil&gas drilling, CBM exploration, HDD,waste management, etc. process system. Jet mud mixer is a popular device to mix drilling fluid. If there is blow out or other emerge accident the mud mixing pump can configure large quantity weighted fluid very soon.
DC’s new Jet mud mixer specializes in simple structure and easy manipulation which can satisfy the drilling fluid’s need on weighting and compounding from 1500m to 9000m depth. DC’s jet mud mixer can be customized to be double jet mud mixer based on customer’s need.


High Quality Shaker Screens Manufacturers From China Supplier

Shaker Screen is used in Shale Shakers as part of solid control system in drilling operations of various industries, such as oil and gas drilling, mining, coal cleaning, etc. They primarily serve the purpose of separating drilling cuttings from the drilling fluids.

shaker screens

A shaker screen is the key component in shale shaker equipment. They function as a sieve to block the solid drilling waste and let the precious drilling fluid to be carried to a separate channel for further treatment.

What makes a shaker screen pre-mature fialures?
1. Overloading,
2. No load,
3. Blinding & plugging,
4. Wrong screen choice,
5. Corrosion,
6. Mechanical damage (Careless storage and handling, Hooking mesh cloth when removing cartridge shaker screens, Over tensioning hookstrip screens, Scraping screen surface to remove solids, Scoring pressure washer nozzles across the mesh surface)
7. Poor solids transport/Abrasive solids (Screen design, Screen repairs, Blinding, Fluid properties).


DC Solid control is a leading provider of products and services to the oil and gas industry. Our expansion into the drilling stems from our success in the drilling fluids industry. Our objective is to provide clients with integrated offerings to make operations easier, more efficient.

2000 pcs shale shaker screens for Pakistan

Shale shaker screens are an important quick wearing spare parts for drilling fluid circulating system. Meanwhile, there are many types shakers screen sold in nowadays market. I think the most salable type is the hookstrip and steel frame shaker screens.


DC Solid control manufactured 2000 pcs shaker screen for a big drilling service company come from Pakistan. After the clients visited our factory to see the manufacturing process, and the strict products inspection, they decided to place the order to DC Solid control company. So DC Solid control must keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top quality shaker screens for our clients.

shaker screen

DC Solid control can custom-tailored shale shaker screen system, And will provide an optimal solution for any petroleum drilling machinery of oil field project. To learn more, contact DC Solid control screen today.

Inventory DCQJ250x2/100×10 Mud cleaner at a big discount

DCQJ250x2/100×10 Mud cleaner is one of the most hot sale model of mud cleaner equipment whose flow is about 240m3/h. At present DC Solid control has a finished mud cleaner at a big discount sale can meet your urgently requirements.


DC Mud Cleaner completes consist of everything you need to plumb up to and operate the equipment as it own stand alone unit. Just select the Mud Cleaner and Shaker combination you need based off of the flow rate you need to process and what micron level you need to cut to.

The unique manifold design minimizes the pressure drop across the hydrocyclones, thereby maximising solids removal and reducing the volume of mud discharged with the captured solids from the cone.

If you need to retain a larger capacity we are more than capable of constructing and fitting the equipment on any size mud cleaner you need.

Vertical cutting dryer working principle

Vertical cutting dryer is designed to reduce and recover base fluid from a variety of feed slurry. In drilling operations, typical solids control equipment discards 1-4 barrels of liquid for each barrel of solids removed.

Vertical Cutting Dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids in oil or synthetic base fluids. A stainless steel screen bowl traps “wet” solids and accelerates them up to 890RPM with G force up to 420. Liquid is forced through the screen bowl openings, while “dry” solids are extracted by the angled flights attached to the cone, which rotate slightly slower than the bowl.

vertical cutting dryer

Vertical cutting dryer improves overall cost-efficiency by recovering costly drilling fluids that is recovered from cuttings, as well as whole mud lost from shale shaker failure and rig motion. Further, the Vertical cuttings dryer produces lower waste volume by generating dryer solids in both oil and synthetic-based drilling mud system.

DCTLL-A915 vertical Cutting Dryer is the latest design from World top solids control manufacturer. This mechanism make vertical cutting dryer one of the industry’s best performing and most dependable cutting dryer. The Vertical Cutting Dryer gives operators a critical advantage in meeting increasingly stringent environmental rules for cuttings proposal.

Importance of use shear pump in solid control system

Shear Pump is new tape equipment which provides the fast configuration and treatment mud for the user, the user satisfy with configuration high performance mud. It can meet the requirements of customers with high-performance mud.

To improve the drill fluid properties, the polymers or clay should be highly sheared before adding them to the drill fluid system. The product can effectively mix and fully hydrate the material added into the drilling fluid, which can save the added polymer and shorten mud configuration time.

shear pumps

Structure features of drilling fluid shear pumps

1. Through special design, the impeller which is the main component of the mud shear pump has a wider flow path and smooth vanes.
2. The shaft of the product is designed with high strength to bear certain load.
3. With a hopper, mud gun and transfer line orifice plate available, the mud shear pump can be used as a belt driven or diesel driven package.
4. The pump is equipped with stainless steel turbine and a shear plate.
5. The turbine drilling mud shear pump installed in the special base ,and pulley, narrow V belt and 55KW/75kw explosion-proof motor drives

Function of shear pumps

1. Make the compounds dilute, shear and hydrate in a shorter time while saving over 30% of bentonites;.
2. Greatly enhance the hydration of the soil particles.
3. Shear pump can mix material effectively, fully hydrate material, save material using, shorten drilling fluid preparation time, supply good drilling fluid performance to drilling process.

How to improve shaker screen blinding

Screen blinding occurs when grains of solids being screened lodge in a screen hole. This often occurs when drilling fine sands, such as in the Gulf of Mexico. The following sequence is often observed during screen blinding:


1. When a new screen is installed, the circulation drilling fluid falls through the screen in a short distance.
2. After a time, the fluid endpoint travels to the end of the shaker.
3. Once this occurs, the screens are changed to eliminate the rapid discharge of drilling mud off the end of shaer.
4. After the screens have been washed, fine grains of sand that lodged in the screen surface can be observed. The surface of the screen will resemble fine sandpaper because of the sand particles lodged in the opening.


Most screens used in the oil field is blinded to some extent by the time it needs replacing. For this reason, when the same shaker screen size is reinstalled, the fluid falls through the screen closer to the feed.

One common solution to screen blinding is to change to a finer or coarser screen than the one being blinded. This tactic is successfully if the sand that is being drilled has a narrow size distribution. Another solution is to change to a rectangular screen, although rectangular screens can also blind with multiple grains of sand. Unfortunately, the process of finding a screen size that will not blind is expensive.

Why choose DC Desilters

Desilter is the third class solids control equipment to treat the drilling fluids. According to the size of the cone diameter, they are divided into Desander and Desilter. Desilters are designed to remove silt-sized (12-74 microns) solids from drilling fluids. DC desilters are simple to operate and easy to maintain.

The main parts of desilter is the hydrocyclone. The desilter is generally designed by with 10, 12, 16 or 20 cones, 4′ or 5″ in diameter. Each hydrocyclone is attached to a 6″ or 8″ manifold with a 2″ inlet and 2″ outlet. It has quick connect fittings on both inlet and outlet and the manifold ends.


The hydrocyclone is designed with a cylindrical feed section, a conical section leading to the solids discharge opening and an inward extending overflow outlet. Hydrocyclones are very effective classification devices which, as a result of centrifugal forces in the spinning fluid, cause solids to be separated at the under flow. Hydrocyclones are simple and inexpensive devices relative to the amount of material they remove.


DC’s polyurethane hydrocyclone offers a high volume 4” cone, while providing contractors an economical replacement for less efficient older equipment. DC hydrocyclones are manufactured using a specially formulated EU polyurethane which has excellent resistance to heat and abrasion.

How to Best Maintain Drilling Fluid Centrifuge During Use

Decanter Centrifuge(VFD) DCLW360-1200N

In drilling operation, drilling fluid centrifuge is one of the core equipment that is often used, it is mainly used for separating fine solid particles whose diameters are 2-7 μm from the drilling fluid, the use of drilling fluid centrifuge can effectively protect the drill bit, and also has a very important role in improving drilling speed. With the oil drilling industry technology is getting mature, drilling fluid centrifuge manufacturing technology has been greatly improved. However, some inherent mechanical problems are still not solved and continue to haunt users.

So, what are these problems?
Mainly for the below:
1. Bowl fault.
2. Wearing parts (inlet pipe, shockproof strip) problem.
3. Excessive vibration.
4. Outlet blocking.
5. Explosion-proof plug damage.
6. Centrifuge scroll wear.
7. Bearings failure in the process of using.
8. Drilling fluid centrifuge hose damage.

So how should we maintain the drilling fluid centrifuge during using?

The first point: the use of staff must be regular maintenance on the centrifuge, regular cleaning the inlet and outlet, add grease to the bearing parts;

The second point: regular inspect easy damaged parts on the drilling fluid centrifuge, like hoses. In order to ensure the process in the use of these parts is not a problem which influences the production. Finally, electronic products and TV sets, reduce the on-off times, when drilling fluid centrifuge started, preferably every 8 hours rather than an hour on drilling fluid centrifuge to start. Do all of the above, then you’ll find out centrifuge failure rate will be greatly reduced in use.

Drilling Fluid Management During Horizontal Directional Drilling

Drilling Fluid Management

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a trenchless construction solution to traditional open-cut methods used for utility conduit installation. Over the past four decades, advancements in HDD have made it an effective and common installation method, particularly in congested urban areas and environmentally sensitive areas, such as beneath rivers and wetlands, as it minimally impacts surroundings. The HDD process includes pilot boring, reaming, and product pullback.

Drilling fluid is used in all the three stages of HDD, functioning to: provide stability to the borehole, especially in collapsible soil and porous medium; decrease the frictional drag between the pipe and the borehole; cool the drill bit during excavation, and transport drill cuttings to the ground surface. Drilling fluid generally comprises an admixture of water and bentonite, and different types of additive can also be used to improve the fluid’s capacity to carry the cutting soils out of the borehole. Figure 1 shows the first stage of HDD in which the borehole is excavated with a mechanical cutting structure and the cutting soils are transported to the ground surface by means of hydraulic transmission (circulation of drilling fluid).

The drilling fluid pressure in the borehole must be high enough to provide borehole stability and adequate circulating pressure for cutting transport out of the borehole. However, excessively high drilling fluid pressure can also cause hydraulic fracture and release of drilling fluid to the ground surface, which is a critical issue encountered during HDD. This phenomenon occurs when drilling fluid pressure exceeds the shear strength of the surrounding soil, which causes cracks to propagate to the ground surface. Penetration of the drilling fluid into the cracks leads to operational (loss of drilling fluid, collapse of the borehole, bit balling, and circulating pressure loss) and negative environmental impacts. Figure 2 illustrates the growth of the crack around the borehole during pilot boring. Hydraulic fracture is the greatest concern in the first stage of the boring process, as it has lower annulus areas compared to the reaming stage. Therefore, higher interaction between drilling fluid particles in lower annulus areas causes an increase in annular pressure.

Drilling fluid management is a technique employed during HDD to maintain a proper drilling fluid pressure, which prevents mud loss failure and provides stability through the borehole. HDD contractors and engineers should consider applying a drilling fluid management system to achieve a targeted drilling fluid rheology and to predict the mechanical behavior of drilling fluid as it interacts with soil in the borehole. Effective drilling fluid management provides the necessary information to monitor and control risk events resulting from elevated annular pressures during HDD construction. To accomplish this, the circulating drilling fluid pressure (plan pressure) must be predicted, which can be done via the appropriate flow model and associated parameters.

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