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Drilling mud agitator drive structure

Drilling mud agitator drive structure is mainly composed of motor, reducer, coupling and mixing shaft. The most common types of drilling mud agitator in solids control equipment is not much. Mainly for the following types.

Gear drive structure mud agitator: the advantage is higher transmission efficiency; shortcoming is larger volume, not easy to maintain. Gear drive can be divided into direct drive and belt drive.

Bevel gear drive structure mud agitator: has the advantage of simple structure, but also has many shortcomings. For example: due to drive ratio restriction, if you want to get slow-speed of revolution drilling mud agitator, must be through the pulley to do a larger reduction, the results not only low efficiency, but also large volume. This kind of structure is rare in drilling mud agitator.

At present most used mud agitator is still worm and gear drive. Worm and gear direct drive has the advantage of simple structure, large gear ratio, high reliability, widely used in mud cleaning system. 

JBQ Mud Agitator produced by china manufacturer-DC Machinery, the reducer adopts worm or worm wheel, with tight structure, good meshing performance and reliable work, The explosion-proof electric motor and reducer input shaft are connected through elastic shaft coupling instead of belt transmission, and therefore rotation speed of the wave wheel is constant, the maxing intensity is large and the range is wide, which has structurally avoided the phenomenon of engine’s overload at startup, suitable for wild field operation under poor conditions, and it is convenient to be installed, regulated or replaced.

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