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Why must use the decanter centrifuge in working site

The structure and performance of drilling fluid centrifuge all have a bid progress, our country have already special mud centrifuge designed accords the characteristics of drilling fluid. Drilling fluid centrifuge is the most difficult master and the structure is complex equipment. But it is the key equipment except shale shaker.

The initial stage of decanter centrifuge became solid control system is the chemical centrifuge is introduced. Not only the separation size or capacity all can’t meet the requirement of drilling fluid solid control technology.  Now decanting centrifuge has the characteristics.

decanter centrifuge

The capacity from small to large, foreign has already the centrifuge can dispose 4T material per hours.

It has common centrifuge and high speed centrifuge. The common centrifuge can’t solve the whole problems of drilling fluid. High speed centrifuge can dispose drilling fluid, the disposing drilling fluid become dry material and water two parts. Using it to process drilling fluid can maintain environment and ecological environment.

oilfield centrifuge

The transmission structure evolves ingle motor drive from double motor.

The prime centrifuge is chemical centrifuge, the drum and conveying screw are all use stainless steel to manufacture. In recent years we have already research the drilling fluid solid cobtrol special centrifuge with the material of drum and conveying screw is carbon steel, so the cost is decreased.
The abrade level of drum and conveying screw has the structure of using bonding method dressing pad the ceramic disk, it can improve the service life of centrifuge.

Drilling fluid centrifuge for Unweighted and Weighted Drilling Fluids.

Drilling fluid centrofuge is the 4 stage equipment of the oil& gas drilling fluid circulating system. The centrifuge suck the mud from the compartment receiving the discharge from the desilters and mud cleaners, and the returned stream is directed to the next compartment downstream.

DCLW centrifuges can be used in Unweighted Drilling Fluids and Weighted Drilling Fluids. Following is the maters of the centrifuge used in the different materials.

decanter centrifuges

When centrifuging the unweighted drilling mud, keep in mind the following:  the centrifuge with High G force as the solids loads are low. Adjust the weir to a deep pool to maximized solids separation. Control a smaller mud feed rate to increase residence time Operate centrifuges in parallel, not in series if multiple centrifuges are required.


With the unavoidably higher solids content of weighted mud, the increase of gel strengths and viscosity, as well as the degradation of ? quality associated with the diminution of particle size with time, can become a serious problem. The problem is caused by the increasing concentration of colloidal and near-colloidal particles that are  to be separated from the base. Centrifuges are used to selectively remove these solids.

With high solids content of weighted fluids, torque is a problem when processing it, the following is some advice when operating the centrifuges. Increase pond depth. Reduce in rpm or run a higher conveyor differential. Process the mud at a reduced feed rate Centrifuges.

DC models drilling fluid centrifuge in drilling site

Drilling fluid centrifuge is an important part of solid control system. DC Solid control sold 50 more sets centrifuge to different countries used for different industries.

Drilling rig centrifuges have got large development on both structure and functions. Especially there are many manufacturers design centrifuges according to drilling mud features or property. Then the centrifuge become many models and types used in various drilling projects.

drilling fluid centrifuge

Decanters are equipped with either fixed or variable back drive. The scrolling speed -(relative conveyor speed) can be changed in a matter of seconds by operations of a simple control switch. The optimum scowling speed is selected in each case according to solids load, required separation efficiency and required underflow density.

Actually, in drilling rig solids control system centrifuge is the most complicated one. It is rather difficult for operator get leagal operation, etc. However, in long term its important position is following shale shaker subsequently.


Discount sales decanter centrifuge at the China port

Drilling fluid centrifuge is the fourth stage equipment of the mud cleaning system. At the first half year, to expand the market, all the drilling fluid centrifuge engoys a big discount sales. Below picture is the centrifuge got to the China port.

The drilling mud decanter centrifuges can separate fine particles well,for separating 5~7μm particles in drilling mud,usually use medium speed decanter centrifuge,for less then 2μm,usually use high speed decanter centrifuges.

decanter centrifuge

Drilling rig centrifuges have got large development on both structure and functions. Especially there are many manufacturers design centrifuges according to drilling mud features or property. Then the centrifuge become many models and types used in various drilling projects.

DC solids control based in China manufacture and supply complete line of high-speed, variable-speed and fully variable-speed drilling mud decanting centrifuge for handling drilling fluids. Our factory and company are Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 certified.

Complementary use of hydrocyclones and centrifuges

DC Machinery offers solutions for all of your Classification needs from hydrocyclones and centrifuges to classifiers and heavy media separation.

Hydrocyclones are related to centrifuges in that both are intended to separate heavies and lights by application of centrifugal force. The key difference is that hydrocyclones are passive separators capable of applying modest amounts of centrifugal force, whereas centrifuges are dynamic, spinning separators that are generally able to apply much more centrifugal force than hydrocyclones.


Another key difference between hydrocyclones and centrifuges is cost. Centrifuges are expensive precision rotating machines that often need sophisticated control, whereas hydrocyclones have no moving parts and usually no controls at all, so they are lower cost devices.


Hydrocyclones and centrifuges are complementary rather than competing devices. If gravity alone will settle a significant portion of your solids in a minute or two using a quick bottle test, you should investigate hydrocyclone separation. If settling takes much longer than this, then you may need a centrifuge or other separation method.

Advantages of using decanter centrifuge for oilfield

Having effective solids control equipment is very important for any oilfield. Without having proper solids control, drills can encounter a variety of problems.

With a horizontal oilfield decanter centrifuge, the mixture of drilling liquid and cuttings and solids enter into the centrifuge. When it enters the centrifuge, it gets spun at an extremely high rate, sometimes as much as 3000 times the force of gravity. When this happens, the solids will separate from the liquids. When they are separated, the drilling liquid can be decanted and eventually returned to the mud tank where it can be replaced into the borehole for efficient drilling.

centrifuge supplier

One of the biggest advantages to having an oilfield decanter centrifuge is the size that it takes up. Compared to other solids control equipment, a centrifuge takes up less real estate. On many oilfields the site footprint is not large enough to support a wide range of solids control equipment. A centrifuge is highly effective and efficient so you can separate solids from drilling liquids even on small drilling sites.

drilling fluid centrifuge

If you are looking for an oilfield decanter centrifuge that is highly effective and affordable, please browse our products. We offer a range of centrifuges of different sizes and capabilities that give you the exact results you need at a price that you can afford.

3 Sets DCLW450-1000N decanrer centrifuge shipped to Egypt

Congratulations, another order from Egypt prepared to delivery this morning. The order includes 3 sets DCLW450-1000N decanter centrifuge used for water drilling.

All tochning fluid parts of the centrifuge is stainless steel 304. Lowest line price, best quality and perfect service attracted more and more Egypt users.


Parameters of the DCLW450-1000N centrifuge
1. The inlet flow of the DCLW450-1000N centrifuge is 50m3/h
2. Main motor and back motor respectively are 37kw and 7.5kw
3. Drum speed is about 2200rpm
4. Drum length and drum diameter respectively are 450mm and 1000mm


The centrifuge produced by DC Machinery has high purification efficiency, convenient adjustment and easy maintenance .You are welcome to contact Tangshan Dachuan Machinery to get more detailed infos, we will supply our best service for you.

The Use of Decanter Centrifuges for Unweighted Drilling Fluids

Decanter centrifuge are used to process unweighted and weighted, water-based and oil-based drilling fluids (mud). Mechanical energy is utilized to increase the gravitational force exerted on solids that are present in the mud system. Oilfield Decanting Centrifuge are able to apply over 3,000 G-forces on the liquid/solids mixture, which separates the heavier solids from the lighter solids. Additionally, high G-forces separate fine solids from liquid.


When centrifuging the unweighted drilling mud, keep in mind the following:

Operate the centrifuge with High G force as the solids loads are low
Adjust the weir to a deep pool to maximized solids separation
Control a smaller mud feed rate to increase residence time
Operate centrifuges in parallel, not in series if multiple centrifuges are required.
The Use of Decanter Centrifuges with Weighted Drilling Fluids

DCLW series decanter centrifuges are specially designed for the drilling mud solids control. The effective centrifuging and fine drilled solids separation can remove significant quantities of inseparatable solids. This significantly reduces the tranditional dilution requirements and drilling waste volume for disposal.

DCLW450-1000N decanter centrifue at XinGang Railway station

DC Machinery shipped a decanter centrifuge to Kazakhstan, now the centrifuge already got to XinGang Railway station to shipped the container.

The centrifuges model is DCLW450-1000N centrifuge which is a professional type used in oilfield. The length and diameter of the drum respectively are 1000mm and 450mm. Max treating capacity is 50m3/h, main motor is 37kw and back motor is 7.5kw. Usually matched a 7.5kw feeding pumps.


Drilling fluid decanting centrifuge used for recovery barite to remove small solid particles, reduce the mud solid content, to ensure the performance of the drilling fluid. Our optimized the settling zone parameters and feeding mode, enhanced the centrifuge sand removing effect, performance can be comparable to the same specifications of the imported centrifuge .

And DC production drilling fluid centrifuge has high purification efficiency, convenient adjustment and easy maintenance. You are welcome to contact DC Machinery to get more detailed infos of different decanter centrifuges, we will supply our best service for you.

Dewatering of sludge centrifuge from DC Solid control

DC Solid control company can design and manufacturer the centrifuge specialized in Dewatering of sludge.

Working pinciple:

The sludge is concentrated in the concentration section and then transported to the dewatering section. During the progress of the sludge,the pressure and the pitch are gradually reduced, and the back pressure plate is blocked, resulting in a great internal pressure, To achieve the purpose of full dehydration.Centrifugal sludge dewatering machine through the conditioning agitation tank, concentration system, sludge alarm distribution, sludge dewatering, filter cloth cleaning, sludge cake removal complete just sludge dewatering process.

Sludge dewatering machine is a continuous operation of the sludge treatment equipment, due to the mud moisture content is low, stable operation, with a small energy consumption, control and management is relatively simple, easy maintenance.

decanter centrifuge

Product Application:

1. Industrial wastewater coagulation sedimentation sludge.
2. Industrial wastewater excess activated sludge.
3. Municipal sewage treatment of excess sludge.
4. Community sewage treatment sludge.
5. Water purification plant agglutination sludge.
6. Treatment of excess sludge with water and fertilizer.
7. Solid – Liquid Separation in Factory.

Product Features:

1. Small footprint, easy to repair and replacement; small weight, easy handling.
2. With self-cleaning function. There is no need for cleaning to prevent clogging, reducing the amount of water used for flushing and reducing the burden of internal circulation.
3. Using low-speed screw extrusion technology, low power consumption.
4 . less failure, noise, vibration, safe operation.


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