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China DC drilling mud agitator Factory

Drilling fluid mud agitator is mainly keep uniformity of drilling fluid and made solid phase suspension, is the ongoing and reliability drilling mud solid control system. it is mainly used to mixed drilling fluid, in order to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particles precipitate in the tank type circulating system, make the performance of drilling fluid stabilize and mixing uniformity.

mud agitator

The characteristics of drill mud agitator

1 Drilling mud agitator use the arc and cylinder reducer, the section is cylindrical turbine of circular arc , the tooth profile of turbine is round which is conjugate with worm.
2 Drilling mud agitator use the combination of reducer and explosion proof electric machine, it is easy to maintain, it adapts to the condition of field bad working environment.
3 The stirring intension of drilling mud agitator is strong, extensively affected and decrease the starting resistance.
4 The motor of drilling mud agitator place in a horizontal position, it is convenient to install and adjust.


The structure and working theory of drilling mud agitator

Structure: the device is mainly made of explosion proof electric machine, reducer, engine base and impeller components, reducer and motor, reducer and wave wheel are all connected with solid coupling. The wave is made of four impellers weld.

Working theory: The wave can make agitate fluid produce vortex motion and enhance the mixing effect. The tray caught in the middle of the blade can avoid the mud solid phase deposit on the round of lower impellers after stopping, such use can reduce the resistance moment of the sediment to impeller, it prevent burn motor when starting overload.

If you have requirements with different model mud agitators please contact DC solid control office.


JBQ series mud Agitator advantages and shortcomings

JBQ series mud Agitator, Less than 5.5 kW drilling mud Agitator adopts the blender cycloid speed reducer, and it is applied to the drug liquids mixing tank. This mud agitator has the advantage of compact structure so it occupies small area. More than 7.5 kW Mud Agitator uses the turbo and worm gear speed reducer, with the large torque transmission、 the revolution is steady、it works reliablely and has great merit. Common model of mud agitator is JBQ5.5kW 、JBQ7.5kW 、JBQ11kW and JBQ15kW.


The advantages of mud agitators

1All kinds of the gear boxes and the combination of the impellers can adopt t most requirements.
2It is efficiency in the deep and big containers
3It can design the appropriate shearing force according to the requirements.
4It expose more liquid which touching the atmosphere, help cooling drilling fluid.

mud agitator

The shortcoming

1The drilling fluid in the different containers can’t be blended, the drilling fluid can’t be shifted.
2In most cases need power supply.
3It is maybe exist dead zone.
4It is need installed partitions

DC is a professional manufacturer of solid control system/equipment in china. We will provide our client high quality products with most reasonable price, at the same time we also sincerely offer the high level after sales service for any home or abroad clients. We still adhere to the concept of Creating the maximum values and the satisfaction for our clients.

Advantages of mud agitator from China solid control factory

Mud agitator, also called drilling mud agitator, used for drilling fluid agitation mix, prevent drilling fluid solid particles in the tank circulation system deposit, cycle
drilling fluid performance stability, mixed evenly. DC mud agitator has high efficiency and wide usage, compact structure, big intensity stirring, easy maintenance and other
significant advantages.

DC solid control provide vertical and horizontal agitator. Horizontal mud agitator is divided into coupling type and direct type agitator. If you need a horizontal mud
agitator, we recommend you use a direct type agitator. drilling mud Agitator is an ideal device for stirring, mixing liquid and preventing the solid-phase precipitation in the

Mud agitator

Advantages of Drilling Mud agitator

The gearbox adopted worm and gear. Better scuffing more reliable.
Motor and gear box will be connected by coupling or directly. Agitation speed is more stable.
Good heat exchange performance faster cooling down.
Lower decibels.
Shaft and blades are customizable.
Durable enough, easy to install, operate ,and maintain.
Can be used under variety condition.

DC solid control is an exporter of centrifugal pump . We are an exporter of drilling fluids mud agitator.Our factory approval the ISO9001,drilling agitator have the API
certification. DC solids control is the designed,selling,production,service and delivery of Chinese mud agitator manufacturer. We will provide the high quality drilling fluids
agitator and best service.Your best drilling mud tank agitators start from DC solids control.

DC Solid control offered the high performance mud agitators

Mud agitators are high-efficiency mud mixing units offered in a wide array of custom sizes and configuration to accommodate virtually any mud tank.

Both horizontal and vertical drive configurations are available for all sizes of mud agitators. The horizontal drive is designed for installations having limited space above the mud tank. The vertical drive agitator employs an all helical gearing system, and the horizontal drive utilizes a helical bevel system to drive the agitator shaft, which may have one or two straight or canted mixing impellers.

mud agitator

The mud agitator stirs a mud slurry to maintain suspension of solids. The agitator is mounted on top of the mud tank and has one or two impellers immersed in the mud slurry. The impeller shaft directly coupled to an electric drive motor that is available in several horsepower ratings from 50He to 60Hz.

Each mud agitator is designed for the specific application, taking into account parameters such as tank size, tank depth, and mud charateristics. DC Solid control offers mud agitator in both vertical and horizontal drive motor configurations. Our high performance equipment is appreciated among clients all over India. If there is a large quantity of mud present in the site then large torque mud agitator will be required.


Drilling mud agitator worked on the drill mud tanks

Drilling mud agitator is a device mounted on mud tank for agitating the drilling mud to prevent the drilled cuttings and fine solids from sedimentation. Nearly every large compartment of mud mixing and storage tank should be equipped with mud agitators to maintain the proper properties of drilling mud that will pump back to the borehole.

mud agitators

JBQ series mud Agitator, Less than 5.5 kW drilling mud Agitator adopts the blender cycloid speed reducer, and it is applied to the drug liquids mixing tank. This mud agitator has the advantage of compact structure so it occupies small area.

More than 7.5 kW Mud Agitator uses the turbo and worm gear speed reducer, with the large torque transmission、 the revolution is steady、it works reliablely and has great merit. Common model of mud agitator is JBQ5.5kW 、JBQ7.5kW 、JBQ11kW and JBQ15kW.

Please feel free to contact DC solids control for more information on mud agitator. Or for other equipment used in drilling fluid circulation system


DC Good Properity Mud Agitator producer

Mud agitator is the special agitating equipment in oil drilling mud circulating tank. Mud agitator keep drilling fluid uniformity and make the solid phase particles suspension.


It is mainly used in drilling fluid mixing to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particles precipitate in tank type circulating system, also make circulating drilling fluid performance is stable, mixing is uniformity, it is the one equipment of the science drilling. Mud agitator should set in the place of centre of working volume level, the distance of impeller and tank bottom is the 1/3 to 1/4.


7.5 kW above mud agitator using turbine worm reduction drive, has the transmission torque, smooth operation, reliable work, etc advantages.

DC Solid control is the special mud agitator company, our company product design reasonable, structure is unique, use worm and worm wheel gearing-down device, has the advantages of transmit torsion is big, well stability and safety, service life is long, convenient to maintain and with the large agitating and discharging.


Mechanical mud agitator supplier

Drilling fluids mud agitator is a kind of mechanical agitator, also part of the drilling fluid solids control equipment, which is mainly used to agitate and mix the drilling mud to prevent solids particles from depositing in the circulating mud tank and to stabilize the performance of drilling fluid.

In order to keep the drilling fluids even and make particles suspending, we need to fix the agitators on recycling tank. Agitating will promote the coordination of drilling mud material, such as bentonite and barite. We should keep agitator working continuously to avoid solid precipitating and keep solid suspending is helpful to separate them by Desander, Desilter, and dcanter centrifuge, etc.

mud agitators

The agitator is mounted on top of the mud tank and has one or two impellers immersed in the mud slurry. The impeller shaft is directly coupled to an electric drive motor that is available in many different horsepower ratings from 3hp (50Hz only) to 30hp (60Hz).

Each agitator is designed for the specific application, taking into account parameters such as tank size, tank depth and mud characteristics. For vertical configurations the drive motor rotates the impeller shaft through an all helical gear drive. For horizontal designs the motor is connected through a combination of helical and bevel gears. Both designs permit mounting of one or two impellers having either straight or canted blades.


mud agitators

The purpose of a surface mud system is to allow maintenance of the mud before it is pumped down the hole. This is accomplished by the effective use of solids-control equipment to remove undesirable solids, while simultaneously recovering as much drilling fluid as is feasible. Secondary to the solids-removal process is the addition of chemicals and the rapid and thorough mixing of mud materials. Thorough agitation is necessary to effectively accomplish both of these tasks. In the majority of drilling fluids, agitation equipment must be used to suspend solids in the surface tanks and maintain a homogeneous drilling fluid.

There are two types of equipment to do this:
. mechanical agitators, and
. fluid motive devices, also called mud guns.

mud agitators

Both are widely used, and will be discussed by showing basic principles, installations, and sizing guidelines. Drilling-fluid components such as bentonite (gel), barium sulfate (barite), lost circulation material, polymers, and chlorides (to name a few) must be wetted before they are dispersed throughout the system. Proper introduction of these materials into the drilling fluid is equally important and can enhance drilling efficiency as well as reduce the amount of additives needed. To gain the most advantage, correct addition at the surface will enhance their effectiveness in the well. Several technologies are described to blend, add, hydrate, shear, or mix drillingfluid additives and enhance their effectiveness.

As stated previously, the purpose of agitation equipment is to suspend solids, completely mix mud materials, and maintain a homogeneous mixture throughout the surface system. For all of these requirements to be met, agitation equipment must create an upward velocity within the mud tanks that is greater than the settling velocity (see chapters 8, 11, and 13 for a complete explanation) of the suspended solids. There must be adequate shear and stirring to dissolve, wet, and disperse mud additives. The ability to blend drilling fluid helps maintain consistency. The following discussion illustrates how mechanical agitators and mud guns operate and accomplish these goals.

Development of Chinese Made Mud Agitators

Mud Agitators

The beginning of the eighties of China, part of the mud agitators used in solids control system are imported from foreign companies. In the late eighties, began to make copies of the imported agitators, the main problem of this period are: poor reliability, bad mixing effect, large power consumption, the impeller blades are easy to break, can’t work in long-term and continuously, serious oil leakage, oil leakage is almost a common problem for this kind of agitator. Its impeller forms are mostly single impeller and disk type impeller, liquid in the tank can’t form a good convection, solid particle suspension is not sufficient.

After the past few years’ effort, mud agitators made in China have developed from imitating and mapping to creat new structures independently. Long term problems have been solved in some new structure mud agitators.

Drilling Mud Agitators Manufacturer

The drilling mud agitator is mainly used for mixing the drilling fluid to keep the uniformity of the mud and the suspension state of the solid particles. It can agitate the drilling fluid consecutively and reliably with both axial and radial flows to ensure the active mud system flowing evenly without participation of the silt, sand and other solid matters.

DC Machinery produces the product of four kinds with the motor power of 5.5kW, 7.5kW, 11kW and 15kW respectively. The product with the power less than 5.5kW adopts cycloid speed reducer. The product with the power greater than 7.5kW uses turbo and worm gear speed reducer. It has the features of large transmission torque, steady operation and working reliably.

Mud agitator

The drilling mud agitator adopts explosion proof C-face electric motor which is approved by ATEX and IEC Ex. If customers have the needs, it can be furnished with marine motor. Different from the centrifugal pump and drilling mud gun, the product is designed with relatively low shearing capacity and low energy consumption. By using single reduction worm gear to achieve drive, it has high transmission efficiency, strong agitating power and high durability.

Furthermore, the equipment has fewer moving parts and can be maintained easily with inexpensive cost. The impeller of the product is completely made from casting to ensure excellent mixing performance. With the advantages of compact structure, small volume, low operational noise and slight vibration, our product is the ideal solids control equipment.


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