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Why Use Vacuum Degasser in a Mud System?

An efficient degasser is essential to safe and productive drilling operations. Since gas is practically insoluble in water, it is relatively easy to detect and remove. By comparison, gas is readily soluble in oilbase muds – its detection is more difficult as well as its removal. Regardless of the composition of the gas encountered, gas present mud can decrease efficiencies in rig pumps, centrifugal pumps and associated operational equipment. The goal is to “Keep the pumps Operating”.

Atmospheric vs. Vacuum Degassers

Atmospheric separations rely on impact, turbulence, agitation or a combination of these techniques to separate gas from the fluid. They possess few moving parts and have low initial cost. But their efficiency is limited and they may not be suitable for all conditions.Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum degassers have more moving parts and higher initial cost. This is due primarily to the vacuum pump and attendant components. They are, however, much more efficient. Because gas volume is inversely proportional to pressure, gas bubbles surface from a fluid more rapidly under pressure. By combining impact and turbulence features with low pressure, modern vacuum degassers prove to be fast acting and highly effective in separating dissolved gasses.


Arrangement of Solids Control Equipment

The following pictures show the recommended arrangements of the solids control equipment for unweighted and weighted mud systems. In general, the various pieces of equipment are arranged in decreasing order of their cut points as the mud proceeds downstream from the flowline.

Any dilution water used should be introduced ahead of the solids- removal devices in order to improve their separation efficiency. Additions of all other mud materials should be made downstream from the last solids-removal device.

The feed and discharge of each device should be separated so that newly processed mud is not fed back to the device. Preferably, the feed and discharge should be in alternate pits. The discharge end of the overflow pipe from a desilter or desander should be above the mud level. If it is not, the separation efficiency will be reduced and mud can siphon back through the cones and out the underflow when the pump is shut down.


Mud System shaker screens

The combination property of drilling fluid shale shaker is reflected by sieve size, service life, and the thruput, moreover the above-mentioned situations are bound up with the structure and performance of screen. Screen is the important part in sieving, and is a kind of easy consumable in drilling.

Shaker screens are widely used on shale shaker  and mud cleaners. Some producers will fix shaker screens on Desander and Desilter.

Because of the drilling fluid has corrosivity, abrasiveness and heat, and needed to eliminate solid particles for a long time, so generally, the material of shaker screens are all made of stainless steel wire which disposed by heat treatment technology, moreover, auxiliary support structure are made of steel plate, galvanized sheet, plastic plate, etc.

Usually, shaker screens are combined with 2-3 layers s.s wire mesh, one steel or composite frame, glue, and paint. Some of the pre-tensioned frame shaker screen will request rubbers also.

We weave stainless steel wire mesh firstly, then stick wire mesh and frame together with glue, then we paint whole shaker screen. Finally, we will fix the rubber on the shaker screen back side.

DC Machinery can provide various shaker screens, high quality, reasonable cost, is your best choice.


Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker for Using

In drilling process, shale shaker utilizes vibratory screen to recycle the liquid phase of drilling fluid, and as the standard of whether the solid phase can pass the sieve meshes or not, making the solid particles of different sizes separated into two groups or over two groups sizes of the machinery equipments, in the oilfield scene, it called drilling fluid shale shaker.

Shale shaker is the necessary equipment in the well drilling equipments at present. Moreover, the job content of shale shaker will direct influence on the desander, desilter and centrifugal.

Do you know how to use and maintain shale shaker correctly?

The following is the answer.

In order to avoid the drilling fluid cover up the dry screen, the user must clean screen before every starting.

When the drilling fluid is circulating, the shale shaker should continuous running.

For enhance the service life of prestretching screen, it must ensure the rubber support part of screen is intact and no damage. Check up the operating environment of vibration isolation component and the support part of screen timely. If take place damage or over fatigue, they should be replaced timely.

If the drilling fluid flows from the hole or broken place, the drilling cuttings will not be eliminated. Any screen which has the hole or damage must be replaced immediately. Use panel can seal the hole or damage. The screen must be replaced as soon as possible. Before replacing, you should do the plan earlier for reducing time of stop drilling, and prepare tools and screen.

When the drilling fluid is not circulating, the user should clean up the larger drilling cuttings in the drilling fluid reserve tank.

For enhance the service life of screen which has no tension, it must ensure every parts (like rubber strut member, nut, bolt, spring, etc.) can be installed suitably, no deformation. According the installing step which supplied by manufacturer to install the screen. If the multilayer shale shaker only use one layer, it must ensure the tension pole is safe and reliable.

DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of mud system equipments, we always put quality as the first consideration, you are welcome to contact with us.

Drilling Mud Centrifugal Pump-Basic Parts

The basic parts of centrifugal pump are rotary impeller and stationary pump case. Impeller and the pump shaft are connected, and there has some crooked vanes on the impeller. When the pump shaft is driven by outside power, the impeller will spin in pump case. The liquid enters into centre of impeller, get through from vanes and enters into pump case, at last discharged from tangent exit of pump.

Impeller is the heart part of the centrifugal pump. Impellers have three types: open, half open and closed. The impeller of centrifugal pump has no front and back cover plate, vane is exposed completely, called open type. Only has the back shroud called half open type. When deliver slurry and liquid which has solid particles, no-blocking, but is easy to regorge, so the efficiency is low. The impeller which has front and back cover plate is called closed impeller. Sand pump uses open impeller.

Pump case is shell of pump body, it surrounds the rotary impeller, and has the liquid inlet and tangent exit which are perpendicular to impeller. The sectional area of pump case extended gradually and form a snail shell type channel, called volute. The rotary direction of impeller is along with the direction of snail shell type channel.

The common shaft seals of centrifugal pump have two kinds: packing seal and mechanical seal. The shaft seal ensures the centrifugal pump can work normally and efficiently. When centrifugal pump is working, the pump shaft is rotary but the shell is motionless, if the annular space between them not to seal or seal is bad, outside air will enter into low-pressure area of impeller centre, the flow and efficiency will decrease. In general we can use the mechanical seal or packing seal to realize the seal between shaft and shell. Packing can use the immersion oil or asbestos cord.

DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of mud system equipments in china. We will provide our client high quality products with most reasonable price, at the same time we also sincerely offer the high level after sales service for any home or abroad clients. We still adhere to the concept of creating the maximum values and the satisfaction for our clients.

Development Trend of Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge

Development trend of drilling mud decanter centrifuge is high rotate speed, large capacity, high reliability and automation. High rotate speed is rotate speed of roller can reach above 2500r/min, separation factor can reach up to 1200~3000, and can eliminate the more fine particles, separation point can as low as 2~5 micron. Large capacity is continue to increase the capacity of existing centrifuge, when the capacity is larger than 40~50m3, the decanter centrifuge can eliminate the harmful solid phases quickly in the drilling fluid.

At present, the foreign decanter centrifuges strengthen the thruput and rotate speed of centrifuge, increase the separation factor, the material of centrifuge uses the stainless steel, enhance the corrosion resistance.

From the view of reflect, the centrifuge with large thruput, frequency control is needed, so that can add weight drilling fluid and dispose the no weighted drilling fluid. This kind of centrifuge can be called all-round centrifuge. TangShan DaChuan Machinery does many modification and innovation on the details for increasing the thruput and enhancing separation effect.

The DCGLW series decanter centrifuges are produced by TangShan DaChuan Machinery, the following is the technical parameters.

TYPE DCGLW250-980N DCGLW355-1257N DCGLW450X1258N DCGLW600X1200N
Drum Diameter mm 250 355 450 600
Drum Length mm 980 1257 1258 1200
Drum Rotate Speed r/min 3500 3200 3000 2600
Separation Factor 2607 2035 2260 2550
Separation Point μm 2~5
Motor Power (Main) 11kw 37kw 37kw 45kw
Motor Power (Vice) 7.5kw 11kw 11kw
Power Of Fluid Supply Pump 2.2KW 5.5KW 7.5kw 11kw
Maxmum Thruput m3/h3/h 20 35 45 90
Weight kg 1000 2950 3100 4300
SIZE mm 1900×1200 ×800 2900×1850×1400 2900×1900×1450 3200×1600×900


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