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Function of drilling fluid and drilling fluid equipment

The drilling fluid circulating system is like a close loop electric circuit through which drilling fluid (i.e. mud) can travel from surface to all the way down hole and back to its initial point.

solid control system

The main component of the drilling fluid circulation system include shale shaker, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, mud tank, agitator, centrifugal pump. mud hoppers and ect. The drilling fluid circulation system also called solid control equipment or solid control system.

The function of the Drilling fluid and equipment maintenance cost can decrease greatly when proper solids control practices are utilized. From a fluid control stand point it would be desirable in most cases to remove all drilled solids. Although this is possible, it would be cost prohibitive.

The goal of a solids control system is to achieve the balance between mechanical solids separation and dilution that will result in drill solids being maintained at an acceptable level with a minimum of cost.



Optimization of Solids Control and Waste Management systems of China DC Solid control

There’s no doubt that drilling fluids (or mud) play a crucial role in drilling activity and efficiencies today – cooling and lubricating drill bits, carrying drill cuttings to the surface, controlling pressure at the bottom of the well, and ensuring that the formation retains the properties defined for that well.

solid controkl system

For many years, the maintaining of drilling fluids and the separation of rock particles was down to shale shakers. Through vibration and high G-forces, solids were filtered out for overboard discharge or for treatment on the rig or onshore. The cleaned mud was then incorporated back into the active fluid system and reused to drill the well.

Now, all drill rig site use solid control system to recovery the cleaned drilling fluid. The main solid control system include shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges, mud tanks, vacuum degasser, agitator and related equipment.

DC solid control is positioned to offer complete fluid solutions to our customers. Optimization of Solids Control and Waste Management systems with drilling fluids on a project provides our customers with economic and effective solutions to the most challenging drilling environments.

2018 CIPPE exhibition product of drilling mud zero discharge system

Last week, the CIPPE 2018 exhibition closed successfully. DC attracted lots of visitors coming to DC booth. Being a manufacturer with lasting creation capacity, DC solids control has been bring new products to the show for many years. This time DC solid control took the mud zero discharge system to the exhibition.

zero dischage system

Drilling waste management and zero discharge is a getting much popular recent years. It is important to get zero discharge on drilling waste management. DC Solids Control is leading manufacturer for drilling waste management equipment & solids control equipment; after some years experience accumulation.


DC Solids Control can offer professional solution on drilling waste management and can answer the question most of the people faced with ” How to achieve zero discharge on drilling waste management “. This chapter will give a comprehensive knowledge of drilling waste (OBM & WBM) from three parts as below. And tell people how to achieve zero discharge on drilling waste management.

DC zero discharge drilling waste treatment system equipment is selling hot and the demand exceeds the supply. Feel free to visit our company and drilling site for field research. Look forward to customers from all over the world for cooperation and purchase.

DC Solid control provides perfect mud system for different users

Mud system, basically drilling mud tank system, is a combination solids control equipment that is connected among mud flow lines configured on mud tanks. It aims to clean, recycle, mix and condition the drilling fluids in desired properties as per the drilling formation requirements.

mudtank 2

In order to meet with the ever changing drilling conditions and strict environmental issues, zero-discharge systems, closed-loop systems and drilling waste management systems are introduced to the solids control solutions. DC Solid control keeps research and development on providing the state-of-art separation technique. We proudly design and manufacture the following mud system:


1. Standard Oilfield Three/Four Mud Tank System
2. Mud Mixing Tank, Mud Agitator Tank / Storage Tank
3. Mud Cleaning, Recycling, Mixing Unit for HDD, CBM, TBM
4. Pile Drilling Desanding Unit
5. Water Tank, Oil Tank

Each project is different, that is why we don’t apply one-fit-all approach. We would analyse the project requirement and give the tailor designed proposal. From equipment configuration, tank design to electric control system, we always deliver the most satisfaction to our clients.

Welcome to Singapre clients to visit DC Manufacturer

Today, our new clients who are come from Singapore to visit DC factory to discuss the cooperation issue. They want to change their drilling mud system and mud tanks.

The clients look at the draw detaily and provide their special request. The clients ordered the ZJ50 drilling fluid system according to 3 hours technological exchange.


The mud system mainly include this big unit:

1. Mud tank system
2. Mud mixing and dosing system.
3. Waste drilling cuttings treatment system
4. Electrical control system

DC Solid control will start to manufacturing the mud system next week and will have administration of executive personnel living in our factory to see each process of manufacturing.

Please follow my blog if you want to know more detail manufacturing issues.


DC Professional Bored pile Mini solid remove system Supplier

DC Mini solid removal system is the economic way for the mud recycling, it is popular for Bored Pile Slurry desanding plant, TBM slurry treatment, HDD (trenchless) as well as water well drilling etc.

solid control

Usually bored pile is used for those tall buildings or massive industrial complexes, which require foundations that can bear the load of thousands of tons, most probably in unstable or difficult soil conditions. In order to ensure Bored Pile can works properly. DC Machinry design many sets mud removal system for different conditions:

DC Mini solid remove system Models:
DCS-200D Capacity: 200GPM,50m3/h
DCS-500D Capacity: 500GPM,120m3/h
DCS-1000D Capacity: 1000GPM,240m3/h
Other models should be customized.

solid removal

DC Machinery also customized different industries mud circulation system based on your requirement. We have professional equipment used in the system, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud centrifuges, mud tank, agitators and ect. Please contact us if you want to get more infos.

Microtunnelling separation plant for Italy

Microtunnelling separation plant is very important for TBM.  DC Solids Control is also very professional at TBM (Tunnel Boring machine
separation system ).

mud cleaning system

We got a inquiry from Italy client who required our company design Microtunnelling separation plant for their drill site. The picture
beside is the most popular slurry treatment system. It usually contains a linear motion shale shaker (DCS63-3), and a mud cleaner,
hydro-cyclones with linear motion shale shaker (QJ200X2/100X8), also mud tank for storage, centrifugal pump to transport.

mud system

Meanwhile we learned so many from the client who focus on TBM, know how it works, first is TBM, the mud with debris, produced by the
tunnel boring machine. Then the shale shaker, usually linear motion, then hydro cyclones then shale shaker (mud cleaner as I notied
before).Then the centrifuge, this is depend by your condition, the mud and the object you required, and so on.

This is our new attempt to the TBM industry, we have the ability and confidence to try more industries, please following my blog to
many new and advanced mud cleaning equipment produced by DC Solid control.

Why drilling users choose DC Solid control

DC Solid control is a cost-effective system for recovering oil-based mud (OBM) that might otherwise be included in the drill cuttings waste generated during the drilling process. High-efficiency drying shakers mounted on fluid recovery containment tanks. Drill cuttings discharged off of the rig shakers are further processed on the drying shakers to increase the amount of environmentally sensitive and high cost oil-based fluid recovered.

Solid control system


This additional recovered fluid directly reduces the drilling costs as it can be re-used versus adding more new drilling fluid. And, the costs associated with disposing of the oil covered cuttings are reduced with less solidification material needed―saving material, transportation, and landfill costs. DC Solid control can also be equipped with a high pressure wash system, vacuum system, and shale bins to meet your site’s requirements.

Additional Benefits of DC Machinery

Linear motion vibrators are capable of generating 5 Gs on the drying shaker.
Variety of screen mesh sizes maximizes efficiency with varied mud conditions.
Adjustable deck angle optimizes retention time.
Containment tank comes with sloped bottom & integral flush system.
Submersible pump transfers drilling fluid back to the active mud system.


Additional Features of DC Machinery 

Recovers maximum drilling fluid volume for re-use in active system.
Minimizes stabilizer (sawdust / fly ash) volumes.
Minimizes waste volumes, saving transportation & landfill costs.

And, using our auger tank in combination with our centrifuges results in true, measurable cost savings as well as maintenance of good environmental drilling practices.

Drilling mud agitator mixer shaft

All parts which make the rotary motion, such as gear, mixer, etc, all of them must be installed in the shaft, for delivering motion and power. So shaft is one of the main parts of the machine.

Mixer shaft material

The choice of drilling mud agitator mixer shaft material, from stress and working conditions to make it safe, suitable, easy to manufacture and economic. The material of shaft should have enough strength, stiffness and toughness. In addition, in order to easy to manufacture, we also need to have excellent cutting processing skill, so that we usually use number 45 high-quality steel. For the low requirement mixer shaft, also can use Q235-A or number 35 steel.


Gland packing material

In the actual use, the most common dynamic seal have two kinds: packing seal and mechanical seal. Drilling mud agitator shaft belongs to low speed, low pressure, applicable is packing seal, the packing seal has the advantage of simple structure, easy to maintain and high reliability.

For adapt to requirement of agitator in different cases, the category of gland packing material are many. Which kind of material to choose mainly according to the mixer shaft spindle speed, operating temperature, operating pressure and chemical property of material.

In general, the material used to manufacture gland packing must meet the following requirements:

1 Should be resistant to the soaking and corrosion of medium and lubricant, and does not contain the material which can be swelled and weakened by medium and lubricant.

2 Should have enough flexibility, to absorb the design which can’t avoid shaft moving.

3 Under the situation of gland pressure is too tight, it still has running freely, will not produce destructive friction and heat performance.

4 Should have enough plasticity, under the packing gland compression can be adapt to the shape of shaft and seasoning function and for deformation.

5 Won’t bite or corrosion shaft.

6 Wear slow, rarely need to adjust and change.

Usually the materials used to make gland packing have fiber, metal and lubricant, etc. User can according to the specific work to choose.



How to choose and install jet mud mixer correctly

As with all equipments, jet mud mixer and associated equipment must be correctly chosen, calibrated and installed, to obtain the ideal working performance.

Need to satisfy the require of proportioning at scene. General requirements mixing hopper capacity shall not be less than 150m3/h. For the larger tank and great pump motor power, we can also use the mixing hopper with 300m3/h capacity.

In order to ensure the required well pressure, suggest that each drilling crew should equipped with a spare set of mixing hoppers, in most cases spare hoppers used overlap mode.

Try to reduce pipeline on-way resistance, thus the pipeline required short and thick, smooth bend. Jet hopper equipped with matching venture tube can improve treating capacity, speed up solid diffusion and avoid caking.

Strengthening the repair and maintenance, in most cases, the back pressure shall not be greater than 20% of the input pressure.

Another important consideration of install equipment is the drilling fluid required lifted height. If discharge needed to enter into different deck tank or a taunt tank and hopper, mix rate will be decreased. When the height from 1.83m to 3.66m, barite adding rate will be reduced to 17%. If the increased demand is very high, the pump capacity is insufficient, mixed ability will be greatly reduced.

From the preceding discussion show, jet mud mixer can work effectively, but the jet mud mixer unreasonable installation will cause a lot of problems. If we can choose, install and debug charging system correctly, the work load of whole system maintenance will be reduced, the drilling fluid cost will be decreased, the working hours of treating drilling fluid also will be reduced.

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