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ZYQ mud gas separator designed by DC Solid control

The mud gas separator is designed primarily for the removal of entrained gas, from the drilling fluid. The ZYQ mud gas separator is designed in multiple capacities, to meet specific mud gas needs.


Mud/Gas Separator is a piece of special equipment for degassing gas-invaded mud in the first grade. It is mainly used to remove big bubbles above φ3mm in diameter and these bubbles refer to expanded gases in the fluids that fill in some parts of well annulus. Well kick even spilling out to the rotary table will easily occur if they are not removed.

Mud/Gas Separator Features & Benefits:
1. Separates and discharges the enormous free gas from drilling fluids, including poisonous gases like H2S.
2. Separated gas is carried by discharge lines to safe area for combustion.
3. The unit is ruggedly built and coated with anti-corrosion epoxy so as to ensure long service life when processing hazardous and toxic gases.

DC use high quality steel materials manufacturing normal pressure prevent H2S Mud Gas Separator,can effectively prevent the harmful gas erosion, ensure the man- machine safety production.

DCZCQ Vacuum degasser test before shipping abroad

Vacuum degassing is a technique of removing dissolved gas from a liquid solution by lowering the pressure inside a vessel containing the solution.

This month, DC Machinery manufactures a ZCQ270 Vacuum degasser for a foreign clients used for oil& gas drilling field, and now the vacuum degasser is testing before delivery.‘

vacuum degasser

What items should be test before delivery of the vacuum degasser:
1. Bearing Temperature:Rise≤100°
2. Whether has bad Vibration.
3. Vacuum Degree0.03MPa~0.045MPa
4. Seal Text has no Leakage under 0.5MPa.
5. Sound Intensity:≤80dB
6. Paint Appearance whether Damaged.
7. Fastening Piece whether fasten.
8. The Spare Parts whether are Complete.

vacuum degasser

According to 2 day test, the DCZCQ270 vacuum degasser is qualified to leave factory. DC Machinery can produce four models vacuum degasser, ZCQ240, ZCQ27., ZCQ300 and ZCQ360. If you have special requirements of it, please contact us.

Function of degasser used for drilling fluid cleaning system

Degasser is used to eliminate the gas in gas cutting drilling fluid, its treating capacity should reach to full flow treating.
Degasser is must installed behind the shale shaker and before centrifugal pump. So when drilling fluid obtain large gas, so the centrifugal pump will occurring cavitation, it not only make centrifugal pump performance is decrease, production voice and vibration and loss service life but also can make centrifugal pump can’t work or damaged.

vacuum degasser

The function of degasser have two; the one is ensure drilling fluid performance is stabilize, preventing blowout and well kick accident and ensure drilling safety.

The other one is ensure hydrocyclone can regular work. When drill middle and deep well, gas well and gas oil well must be matched vacuum degasser.

There are two types of degasser, one is atmosphere. The other one is vacuum type. Viewing from degassing mechanism, when drilling fluid is agitated by mechanical, vacuum draw and forming lamina turbulence, the gas can escape. Vacuum degasser has two functions of vacuum pumping and lamina turbulence, but atmospheric type degasser only has mechanical agitating. Viewing from degassing effect, vacuum degasser is superior to atmospheric degasser.

Main function of vacuum degasser

Vacuum degassing is a technique of removing dissolved gas from a liquid solution by lowering the pressure inside a vessel containing the solution.

Vacuum degassing processes involve the exposure of molten steel to a low-pressure environment to remove gases (chiefly hydrogen and oxygen). The effectiveness of any vacuum degassing operation depends upon the surface area of liquid metal that is exposed to low pressure. This process is typically performed in a specially designed chamber known as a vacuum degasser.

vacuum degasser

The reduced pressure inside the vessel or chamber causes the gas to become less soluble and separate from the liquefied material. After the vacuum degassing process is complete, the gas is removed from the vessel, and the pressure is returned to normal.

Vacuum degassing to remove carbon not only reduces imperfections, but also makes metals more ductile, or easily shaped and formed through cold metalworking.

These units are positioned downstream from mud gas separators, gumbo removal equipment (if utilized), shale shakers and mud conditioners (if utilized), while hydrocyclone desander and Decanting centrifuges follow in the arrangement.

Using effects of vacuum degasser

A degasser is a piece of industrial equipment used during oil and gas drilling operations. It serves as part of a mud system, and is designed to remove gaseous contaminants from drilling fluid.

vacuum degasser

A form of vacuum degasser is utilized in water treatment facilities to greatly reduce the overall gas pressure in a containment vessel. The pressure inside the vessel is usually lowered by means of a pump or blower. The containment vessel for this process is typically constructed of aluminum, fiberglass, or steel.

These units are positioned downstream from mud gas separators, gumbo removal equipment (if utilized), shale shakers and mud conditioners (if utilized), while hydrocyclone desander and Decanting centrifuges follow in the arrangement.

Vacuum degassers are also used in a variety of applications. Small kit vacuum degasser made from polypropylene and polycarbonate materials can maintain vacuum pressure for up to 24 hours and can be used with a vacuum control manifold to allow for fingertip control of vacuum pressure.

Solvent of vacuum degasser

Degassing, an important step in the preparation of high performance liquid chromatography mobile phases, is used to remove dissolved atmospheric gases from drilling fluid which may interfere with the normal operation of the pump and detector.

Bubbles that from when these gases come out of solution may result in loss of pump prime and other irregularities, such as inaccurate and irreproducible flow, ultimately resulting in inconsistent retention retention times and noisy or drifting chromatograpgic baselines.

A bubble in the detector’s flow cell typically manifests itself as a “spike” which may hinder peak detection and integration. Dissolved oxygen poses special problems such as baseline shifts caused by the formation of ultraviolet absorbing oxygen -solvent complexes and diminished fluorescence response.

vacuum degasser

Applying a vacuum for several minutes to a solvent reservoir is an inexpensive, effective method of degassing. It is typically performed with a side-arm filtration flask and a vacuum aspirator attached to a laboratory faucet. Alternatively, a vacuum pump may be used. Care must be taken when empoying vacuum degassing. because it is an off-line, noncontinuous process, its long-term effectiveness is limited, as air will begin to redissolve as soon as the vacuum is removed. Complete resaturation of the mobile phase will occur within several hours. It is most effective when used on premixed solvents for isocratic separations and is generally unacceptable when performing gradient separation with a low-pressure solvent proportioning device.

In addition, vigorous vacuum degassing may alter the composition of mixed solutions as the more volatil;e organic components are selectively evaporated. This may lead to variablity in the retention times of separations performed with different batches of mobile phase.

Mud gas separator & Vacuum degasser

Drilling fluid mud gas separator is the primary degassing equipment for disposing drilling fluid. Compared with vacuum degasser, the major difference is the mud gas separator is mainly used for eliminating the big bubbles whose diameter is larger than 3mm in drilling fluid. In addition, mud gas separator is mainly by gravity impact action to realize the separation, and yet the vacuum degasser adopts the theory of vacuum, centrifugation.

The handling capacity of vacuum degasser is less than the mud gas separator, but can eliminate gas more thoroughly. Generally the drilling fluid disposed by mud gas separator still contains minute bubbles, after through shale shaker, and enter into the vacuum degasser to dispose.


The following are the DC Machinery Mud gas separator and Vacuum degasser parameters.

Mud gas separator parameters:

Model ZYQ800 ZYQ1000 ZYQ1200
Main body diameter 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Capacity 200~260m3/h 240~300m3/h 280~360m3/h
Inlet pipe 5″ 5″ 5″
Output pipe 8″ 8″ 10″
Gas discharge pipe 8″ 8″ 8″
Weight 1600kg 2100kg 2800kg
Dimensions 1900×1900×5700mm 2000×2000×5860mm 2200×2200×6634mm

Vacuum degasser parameters:

Model ZCQ240 ZCQ270 ZCQ300 ZCQ360
Main Diameter 700mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm
Treating Capacity ≤240 m3/h ≤270 m3/h ≤300 m3/h ≤360 m3/h
Vacuum -0.030~-0.045MPa -0.030~-0.050MPa -0.030~-0.055MPa -0.040~-0.065MPa
Ratio 1.68 1.68 1.68 1.72
Efficiency ≥95%
Motor Power 15kw 22kw 30kw 37kw
Vacuum Power 2.2kw 3kw 4kw 7.5kw
Dimension 1750×860×1500 2000×1000×1670 2250×1330×1650 2400×1500×1850
Weight 1150kg 1450kg 1800kg 2100kg

The mud gas separator and vacuum degasser are all degassing equipments in solids control system, they are extremely reliable, vital piece of safety equipments for today’s drilling operations.


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